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    How dirty do you let your guns get?

    If the weapon is fired, it's cleaned shortly thereafter.
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    What is the best Home Defense Weapon?

    Simple. The best weapon is whatever you're proficient with. If, by chance, you're unable to handle a 12g, or any number of other weapons, I feel it's ridiculous to depend upon them unless you've put the time in behind them.
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    Bore Snakes: Do You Use Them

    I wish I'd either invented them, or at least had stock in them. I have one in each range bag.
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    The Division.

    Not me. At least not at my range, or among my fellow travelers. I wouldn't be present long otherwise. Life is just too short to deal with such nonsense.
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    How often do you take your guns...

    3 or 4 times annually. I also simply enjoy handling them. Especially the long guns, as they are the least operated.
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    Recoil Reduction System

    Thanks a bunch for the post!
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    Ok, if you use a cleaning rod.......

    I use brass jags and nylon slotted patch runners. I also believe you'd like Bore Tips.
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    Recoil Reduction System

    Looking forward to your insights.
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    Good to hear you're pleased with the new pistol.
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    Any opinions on the SCCY pistol....

    Yes, I agree with others, the grip just seems thick, at least to my mit. The trigger is long, stiff, and I imagine would take some getting used to. I found it to be a snappy little dude, but shot very well. No doubt worth the price, and I'd bet perfect for your intentions.
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    High Point.....

    FYI-the slide is indeed large due to the pistol being blowback operated.
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    High Point.....

    I salute you for realizing my point for even taking part in this particular thread. I can speak from my experience only, and of this pistol only. Also, many have never heard of Stallard Arms. Just wanted to share.
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    High Point.....

    You too?
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    High Point.....

    Ditto. I certainly wouldn't purchase a HiPoint. But, I speak from the experience I've had with the old Stallard I posted. It's a classic example of you get what you pay for! All I attest to is the ugly old thing functions as advertised.
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    High Point.....

    Yes, as I alluded, they wear any number of adjectives, most of them negative. In my experience, unreliable is not one of them.