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    "Right-handed privilege"

    As a natural lefty I carry a revolver in my left hip pocket, it's sometimes primary sometimes a backup. The Taurus M380 is so sweet for this role. A revolver because no external controls to hunt for, which is a bonus because I am still most comfortable shooting with my right hand as my dad...
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    HellCat verses Sweat! Words of Warning

    I have used Birchwood Casey's gunstock wax on the outside of blued and stainless firearms for probably close to 30 years or so. Works great, they look great. My 60s east German Makarov I carried daily for almost 20 years looks basically new. I wiped them down with the cloth I remove the wax down...
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    How to Grow Your Own Toilet Paper

    My best friend had to cut off the tops of his socks a couple times in the woods lol.
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    George Washington’s greatest sniper was an Irish marksman - Timothy Murphy

    Saw someone try his famous shot with a flinter, it was a hell of a shot.
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    Say Hello To My (New) Little Friend

    Very nice
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    12 Best Affordable 1911s (For Your Budget)

    Marlins were great rifles, until Remington bought the company , moved the machines and lost all the tricks on production. The rifles went south fast until they were very poorly done. Eventually Remington started figuring it out , and then they went bankrupt and production ceased. During that...
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    12 Best Affordable 1911s (For Your Budget)

    That Girshan "asp" looks cool. I always liked the original. A friend had one.
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    Outdoor Survival Knives

    I agree, I never have less than two knives on me, in the woods usually three if you count a pocket knife, or often a belt ax instead of a larger knife. But, the man asked for a knife, not knives, so I answered accordingly. And it's at best, a compromise.
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    The Irony

    Not placing any blame, I was not there but one thing I am curious about is. Why was the gun pointed at this person when the trigger was pulled if the firearm was used in a scene of the movie? My understanding, she was not an actress.
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    Outdoor Survival Knives

    I think when an outdoors survival knife is discussed generally it is considered a blade which will help you survive in the wilderness. This includes tasks like shelter building, fire building, food procurement and preparation, and any other number of other tasks, including self defense. Of...
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    The Irony

    That would do it. I guess the next question is. How did a live cartridge get on set.
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    Gotta Love Texas!

    Problem... solution
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    The Irony

    One does wonder how two injuries occurred accidently with a prop gun.
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    Outdoor Survival Knives

    Well since we are talking outdoors survival the first thing we need to agree on is that a knife is a poor substitute for an ax. And a large knife that can be used decently for ax tasks, will be a poor substitute for a skinning knife. Therefore a do it all survival knife will have to be a...
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    The Irony

    Sad, such a needless thing to occur .