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    Off to Chicago.

    Exactly!! We all seen what happened to these stores during the peaceful protests...
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    Off to Chicago.

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    Token New Guy First Post

    Welcome from Northern Illinois.
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    This Taurus has always been pretty dependable.🤣 🤣
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    death of a lifelong friend

    Sorry fro your loss Prayers to you and his family for some healing..
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    Does target color matter?

    I am red green color blind. I never had an issue with the color of targets, but I had to change my front sights from red to green. I can pick up the front sight faster with the green one.
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    Finally got my CCL.

    To answer your post the best I can, I plan on starting with a single clip holster for either AIWB or IWB strong side. The two firearms I plan on using are a Springfield MOD-2 Compact 9mm with 13/16 capacity and a Smith&Wesson model 36 pocket carry for a walk in the neighborhood. Thanks to...
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    New member intro

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    New member intro

    Welcome from Northern Illinois...
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    Gearbox from a 'The Armory Life' review

    Welcome from Northern Illinois...
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    Flame Cutting

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    Finally got my CCL.

    Took the course in February and It finally showed up yesterday. Now starts the daunting act of finding a comfortable holster..
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    How do answer this mentality ?

    Since she said he was not a police officer, I wonder how she feels about the response of the uvalde police officers???
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    What “Vehicle” Color works For You?

    I have always liked silver, especially on larger vehicles. My wife's 2005 baby we bought new.
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    funny thing at CVS this morning

    Must have been one of those other genders the left made up...