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  1. Texas Buzzard


    Has anyone experienced and wear on the finish of your firearm using a Kydex holster? I have several but for not that long and was just wondering if it's a concern. I found a company that makes a hard shell holster lined with leather, and it got my attention. However I really don't want a drawer...
  2. Texas Buzzard

    Holster For The XDM ELITE

    Finally got my XDM Elite fitted with optics and a Surefire X300. Any of you have a holster you'd recommend? Having a difficult time find a good one that will accommodate the Surefire.
  3. Texas Buzzard


    Anyone else having difficulty getting the Springfield Sales Dept. respond to your emails? I've sent two emails to sales@springfield-armory.com, one on 06/23 and another on 06/24 and to date they have not responded. Grrrr
  4. Texas Buzzard


    On the XDM Elite Tactical OSP is anyone using Blue Loctite on the barrel threads to prevent the thread protector from backing off? After a few mags I notice the protector was backing off a lot. Good I had a clean rag to screw it tight again. Then I noticed the same thing after each mag. Grrrr
  5. Texas Buzzard


    Recently purchase a XDM Elite Tactical OSP and the Holosun 509T. Well the Holosun won’t attach directly with either plate, on the XDM or the one provided with the Holosun. I called Springfield Customer Service and what was sent was the #3 RMR plate, which the 509T will not attach to. Call...