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    For FORD owners that don't know

    I was informed about this issue of a ford owner in the same town I live in. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/what-you-should-know-about-the-ford-super-duty-death-wobble/ FORD! Step up! Honor the warranty!

    Academy in Amarillo Texas

    308 monarch 2 cases/360rds at 229$ Federal 300wm bonded soft point 300bo 223rem 308umc

    Gunsmith.....to a point?

    Seems like several members on here do basic changes or upgrades, but how many know they can do confident work too a firearm? Buttstocks, chargehandles, flash suppressors/hiders/muzzle brakes, handgun grips, chokes or saddles are usually minor changes made easy? How about a complete gun build...

    Does anyone check

    I went to today's birthday post and guess who has a BD today? Our Saint Alien (@Annihilator ) Happy birthday 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😣🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😇😇😇😇😇😗🤯

    bore cleaning got quicker?

    I don't own any, but could be nice? https://www.ssusa.org/articles/2021/9/20/new-real-avid-bore-max-speed-clean-system https://www.realavid.com/product/bore-max-speed-clean-system/

    Case design by purpose

    Start with an example. Take the 6.5CM and 260Rem and rule out twist, free bore and barrel length. The face and case diameter is much the same, but shoulder angle is steeper than the other. 1 is a tad longer also. What is there too really gain with a shorter case with a greater angle...

    Anything and everything PATRIOTIC!!!

    Any music videos, songs, scripts and/or pics post here!

    Not just life, but health

    I don't know what any of you use for your garden, indoor plants or just general yard application, but have been on my mind for survival. I feel this is a survival thread! The link is long, but the outcome is very beneficial without the harsh chemicals. https://www.windrivermicrobes.com/...

    Staff and Founding Members!

    From the few and even less heard from makes me wonder :unsure: ? Are these people afraid of getting in the mix, thinking to themselves "Something is wrong with that member"? From in the lurks spitting whatever they're drinking out their mouth? Or ("Why is member starting a sentence with a...
  10. TEXASforLIFE

    Where are they........

    Several members of about 1 year ago haven't been heard from either likes, post or ? Does anyone wonder or have info about those missing? @TSiWRX has been back from hiatus, but @BangBang, @SMSgtRod and a few others are ? Hope all is well for our fellow members!
  11. TEXASforLIFE

    Reload manuals and cartridge info

    I'm talking about the discriptive wording about each listed cartridge. Every manual I have has some kind of statement about its beginning. Does anyone skip this and go straight to the pictures (data)? I don't do much reading, because I usually get enough from helping the kids with...
  12. TEXASforLIFE

    Think tank camp fire

    For those who reload and not might know or know where too find accurate information. Trying to keep as equal as possible. 1. Max pressure at 60k 2. 24" barrel 3. Cartridge over all length (2.800" example) 4. Same powder ( IMR4895 example) 5. Twist rate doesn't apply 6...
  13. TEXASforLIFE

    What's your objective

    Some have a particular set of wants over needs and both sometimes come together? I have a few scopes with 50+ mm objectives and no rifle (AR and non) are non specific uses. Do I or you need a large objective? One scope is a low (2.5-10) power with a 56mm that's very clear. There are...
  14. TEXASforLIFE

    Trigger Talk with Texas 🤔

    :unsure: No! It's not a podcast startup? I've seen a lot of chitchat about triggers on pistols, BA and AR rifles. Some complaints, "well this 1 gas too much take up", "this 1 just sucks", "too much creep"! Then there has been a few silver linings. "The break on this 1 is crisp", "no...
  15. TEXASforLIFE

    New to guns training

    For those (non military or police) that teach family or non with pistols or rifles what trigger pull weight would you teach them with? What goal is set for trigger pull for best understanding with new people? Staying with a stock pull weight (regardless if action or hammer/striker fired) or a...
  16. TEXASforLIFE

    No politics involved

    What if this country had a 2 or 3 years mandatory military for all 18 years olds? Would this change views on how citizens born in this country feel? What would/could put this country in a better/worse situation? With other countries that make it mandatory for reference on the subject and...
  17. TEXASforLIFE

    Carbon fiber vs.....

    Whether it be weight savings, performance, price, adjustabality and/or highly rated product why would you choose it? I've based decisions on "It's new" or "I just want it" when some new and others not being as new too the market sometimes just to find out how well it works? Some failed...
  18. TEXASforLIFE


    I truly don't know enough about shotgun shells, shot or slugs. I thought for example 12ga 2 3/4" vs 3" shells were length different? I had a box of both and both measured the same length. Is there pressure difference between them on standard type loads? Wondering why some say 2 3/4" only...
  19. TEXASforLIFE

    Best and worst gun or accessory

    Bought either a gun, scope, stock, ammo or any other gun accessory that had been utterly terrible or best thing in the world. A Walther P22 and a fn ps90 have been a tie on worst purchase. They both function terrible. As far as best purchase it's a sig p226 (357sig) and s&w core 9mm. Ammo...
  20. TEXASforLIFE

    In light of the new awareness

    Besides the "Founding Members" what search brought you too this site and what made you stay? I did a "10mm" of some sort of search. Not exactly what it was? At the time there was no news and announcements, lounge, reloading and armed with knowledge.