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  1. TidalWave

    Louisiana takes a stand

    See https://www.westernjournal.com/big-banks-tout-pro-gun-control-louisiana-just-took-600-million-hands/
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    1911 grip screw bushings

    All, I’m needing to install some thin/slim grips on a full size 1911. Any special tool needed to replace the bushings ? Thanks in advance, T Wave
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    Knives vs. Rifles- some data

    Dunno the truth of this; as we all [should] know you can do a lot of finagling with statistics…note that this compares blades to rifles only…anyway: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/09/27/fbi-people-killed-knives-rifles/
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    SDS / Tisas - opinions ?

    Anybody own & regularly shoot a Tisas? Specifically, I’m looking at a stainless 4.25in (?) commander size; it has the black grips. ( sorry, I forgot the model# ). Curious to know opinions of Tisa, esp fit. & finish, and accuracy.. Wondering if it’s worth $580 range.
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    1911 & Wilson Shok-Buff ?

    To anybody who uses WC Shok Buffs, got a few questions… By the numbers: 1. How long have you used them? 2. Notice it causing any wear or stress someplace you wouldn’t expect? 3. Do you notice reduced recoil ? I.e does it actually help getting back on target? 4. Did you keep your stock recoil...
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    Armored backpack

    Anybody seen or better yet, used these ? Kind of a gimmick but at least a cool gimmick, Lol ! :)...
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    Ronin owners: best holsters ??

    I guess this section is the best place to ask… A number of us have Spgfld Ronins since they came out in 2020. Mine is approx 14-15 mo old now. Full size, in .45… Looking for advice on a holster, preferably from those with the same model as mine. What did you get?? Thanks in advance! T Wave
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    Custom Grips link

    Hey guys n gals, Here’s a source for grips that seems to me to be a good one… I’ve bought 3-4 sets of walnut 1911 grips from Lance, and he kindly sent them entirely unfinished - just the bare wood. Took minimal sanding to add to my RIAs (I love the ones where I just treated with a coat or two of...
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    Gotta love the Aussies

    Interesting political take on iur Pres, from Oz.
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    Survival hiking pole

    Might be of interest to some. looks versatile anyway… https://boundlesstrek.us/
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    RIA 1911 - guide rod ques.

    Apologies if this ought to be in the Lounge, but anyway: I have a Rock Island 1911 ( model is 51431 I think ), and it has a full length guide rod. I prefer the GI guide setup (unless someone knows a definite/decided advantage for full length?). My ques is: keeping the existing recoil spring, is...
  12. TidalWave

    Good range bag tool

    I went to Bass Pro today (big mistake for me usually) and found an interesting Leatherman, the T2. And T4 (the one I bought, below). Both have flat head screwdrivers suitable for 1911 screws, and a Phillips for those other applications. Interesting little screwdriver is the tip of the reamer...
  13. TidalWave

    H&K G41

    There’s probably more to the demise of the G41, but interesting article anyway…. https://www.19fortyfive.com/2021/07/why-heckler-kochs-g41-rifle-was-a-total-failure/
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    Lead exposure ??

    In the thread “Got my CCW today..!” I saw where the topic of Lead and health came up. Indoor ranges, pos/neg air pressure, hand wipes, etc etc were all mentioned. Quest: is the health issue respiratory, skin absorption related, or both ? Whats worse? Several mentioned telling their doc and...
  15. TidalWave

    Armed group traveling in Massachusetts

    It will be interesting to see how this turns out. https://abcnews.go.com/US/massachusetts-police-responding-group-heavily-armed-men-claiming/story?id=78647486
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    New ammo plant

  17. TidalWave

    Weapons losses in US Army

  18. TidalWave

    Fiber Optic sights

    All, they seem easy to replace, but… Does anyone know how long an FO tube should keep its ‘brightness’ ? Are they expected to degrade? Do cleaning fluids/solvents affect service life ? I’m thinking of discoloration, damage, etc. Thanks, TW
  19. TidalWave

    More on Calif. AW ban struck down

    I hope the link works - this is the judge’s opinion. Long, and I haven’t read the whole thing, but the first few paragraphs are interesting ( there’s one place where I winced a bit at a choice of words, but that’s to be expected)...
  20. TidalWave

    Anni’s first reader ?!?

    I don’t see the Jokes tab so I’m posting it here. Couldn’t resist... I think this may’ve been from Anni’s first reader ?!?