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  1. HayesGreener

    A Question to Ponder on Miscreant Control

    I don't want to start a spitting contest here so please don't go there. But there is a serious question that we must be concerned with as responsible gun owners and advocates for the 2A. In all my years in law enforcement there are very few things that worry me more than that small percentage...
  2. HayesGreener

    A serious message for and about us older folks

    I am coming up on my annual LEOSA qualification next month. In recent years I have been a bit melancholy at this time, as I lost a very good friend to cancer two years ago, who I did LEOSA quals with every year for years. He was a retired DEA firearms instructor and one of the finest marksmen...
  3. HayesGreener

    Non-Gun Hand Drills

    Over the decades instructor courses always drew moans and groans from students when the courses of fire required non-gun hand shooting. These exercises always seemed to bring a perverse sense of pleasure from instructors (myself included) when those "Aha" moments of diminished gun handling and...
  4. HayesGreener

    I am all for gun confiscation-from criminals

    The inverse logic of gun control advocates fails to take into account the law of unintended consequences. Disarming law abiding citizens may appeal to myopic thinkers in their superficial bubble, but it also makes them vulnerable to criminals and other evil forces. At the same time...
  5. HayesGreener

    Hot Brass and Safety

    If you have been around ranges with semi auto or select fire weapons for any length of time you are probably familiar with the hot brass dance that follows getting a piece of hot brass down your shirt. A recent fatal recruit training incident brings into focus how dangerous this can be. A...
  6. HayesGreener

    Seeking info ref 1903A3 Sporter

    40 years ago I inherited a sporterized 1903A3. The gun was sporterized I beleive in the late 1940's or early 50's. The metalwork is flawless, deep mirror blue, the bore is perfect, and it has a very nicely done wood Monte Carlo stock. Unfortunately, the stock was cut off by someone and the...
  7. HayesGreener

    Range Safety Tip from your RSO

  8. HayesGreener

    7/7 In Dallas-When 5 officers were killed

    Five officers were killed in Dallas 5 years ago. It is a sobering look at what officers can face on the street. I post it here for your consideration
  9. HayesGreener

    It's Easier to Blame the Gun

    Society has become so numbed to shootings that it has almost become a norm and the justice system does not deal harshly with offenders as it should. When you put a violent offender who had a gun away in prison, he stops shooting, simple as that. I am not talking about deterrence here, I am...
  10. HayesGreener

    Disarm SRO's-In Indiana of all places

  11. HayesGreener

    Are you seeing gas lines in your area?

    Seems there is a bit of a shortage in my area of the Florida Panhandle the last few days, the Tom Thumbs are out of fuel and there are lines at the pumps. Transportation issues and this pipeline hack is causing some concern. Almost like when a hurricane is coming.
  12. HayesGreener

    Florida State Senator Farmer Resigns-had proposed Assault Weapon Ban

    Farmer resigned yesterday following a no confidence vote from fellow democrats. He had proposed a comprehensive gun control bill in the Florida Senate in January. I think this is good news.
  13. HayesGreener

    My Best Guess

    EDITORIAL MUSINGS. With all the gun control talk swirling around us over the past couple of years, I have found myself spending a lot of time contemplating what gun control advocates might ACTUALLY be able to accomplish in the current political environment. I don't have a crystal ball, but I...
  14. HayesGreener

    Lifelong Education for the Instructor

    I have been a firearms instructor of one stripe or another since 1971. Throughout the years I have learned the most important attribute for me to develop as an instructor was humility. Many knowledgeable instructors have taught me. Most of them are highly knowledgeable professionals whom...
  15. HayesGreener

    Help me choose a scope for my new M1A Precision 6.5 Creedmore

    I am a long time shooter and instructor and had been looking at buying an M1A ever since I first saw one in an Archangel stock. Recent events made me stop procrastinating and I now have a brand new M1A in 6.5 Creedmore in the collection (but no ammo). My experience with the platform is limited...
  16. HayesGreener

    New Guy Here-Greetings from Florida Panhandle

    I just discovered this forum while searching for scopes and scope mount for my new M1A precision. I am a LE firearms instructor with 50 years experience, have attended the SA Armorer's course, but the M1A is new to me. (Except for the M14 more than 50 years ago). Hope you all are faring well...