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    I am getting wet today.

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    Bore TECH Eliminator (cleaner) ..??

    Haha ! Not quite same guy, but same concept. Lol !
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    Father Arrested For Toddler Shooting Mother During Zoom Call

    I have no doubt something “went wrong“ here - after all, there IS a fatality - but I too am skeptical of the story, as reported… Maybe we’ll hear more.
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    Vickers Tactical Master Class 1911

    It’s a bit different but you’ll like it. And love the quality. I need thin grips for mine; I still can’t hit as well as with my Ronin. But it’s a shooter, and made for the field.
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    Show off your 1911

    Sharp! White dots on rear sights ? I notice external extractor
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    Dangerous Steps: Viet Cong Booby Traps

    I’ll tell y’all a nutty story… When I returned from Iraq first time, I stayed with my folks. Dad was getting older and I wanted - and still need sometimes - to reconnect with roots and get back to fundamentals in life. He’s great at that, by the way. Its just his style of life. Anyway, I’d still...
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    Bore TECH Eliminator (cleaner) ..??

    I get that effect from Tetra, without all the ‘heat conditioning’ or whatever… but if it works, by all means use it !
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    Dangerous Steps: Viet Cong Booby Traps

    Twang, twang twang; [deep thump], twang twang… “…now the DEA’s got a chopper in the air, I wake up screamin’ like I’m back over there. But I learned a thing or two from Charlie don’tcha know. You better stay away from Copperhead Road…” Anybody remember ?!? It kinda gets to you :) Me, anyhow…...
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    Bore TECH Eliminator (cleaner) ..??

    I tend to agree, OM. Esp that 2nd paragraph… I started to get drawn in to the Breakthrough Clean Technology stuff, and see a bunch of ads for Shooter Lube (all show a sorta macho but yuppie-ish young guy with sculpted beard or whatever it’s called, coming home from ‘range day’ and rolling out...
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    Bore TECH Eliminator (cleaner) ..??

    Straight off Amazon….they’re far better than the aerosol (i avoid all those). Funny but I don’t recall ever seeing the wipes on a store shelf before…. 🤔
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    Bore TECH Eliminator (cleaner) ..??

    I do remember that Liberty oil thread Jav. I started using Ballistol wipes and those are fantastic too. Ordered a small bottle of it off Amazon, and turned out to come straight from Germany in a glass bottle. Box and bottle writing all in German. It gas the most interesting history of all the...
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    Bore TECH Eliminator (cleaner) ..??

    Anybody ever tried GoJo hand cleaner to clean a gun ?
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    What Is Springfield Armory Up To Now?

    Getting back to the OP… I am seeing stuff on other websites that what Spgfld is up to may indeed be the Browning Hi Power. Anyone heard anything definitive yet ??
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    To Boldly Go Where …..

    …that was a cool show; groundbreaking if u think about it
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    Is there a so called shelf life…….

    My kinda dog !!!
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    Gunsmith.....to a point?

    Ditto that last para… appreciate all the quick responses when I post or PM someone - Thank You !
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    Gunsmith.....to a point?

    About my limit on gunsmithing is just the other day I did the ‘minor fitting’ needed on a drop-in Ed Brown barrel for my new Tisas 1911 4.25in Carry (.45)… it went ok, but I’m still uncertain it’s entirely correct. But it fired at the range ! Will do a little work on it again soon;). I would...
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    Will these grips fit on a full size Ronin ?

    Hmm… maybe what I ran into was trying to use full size grip screws with thin grips/bushings. Can’t quite remember.
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    good day at the range

    RONIN !!!!
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    Show off your 1911

    Oh yeah !!!