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    Grip loosening on Springfield 1911

    Have only shot 300 rounds through my DYL Mil Spec 1911. Love the gun, but the grips seem to be loosening a little. What do folks recommend? Should I remove them and put blue Loctite on the screws and retighten? Or just tighten up as is without removing? I use a torque wrench/driver, so what is...
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    My first time firing a .45ACP Springfield 1911…thoughts and one issue

    Bought my first 1911 (and first .45ACP firearm) a couple of weeks ago. It’s a new SA parkerized Milspec M1911A1-ish clone. Also got 3 additional SA 7 round GI blued mags, exactly the same as the one that came in the box with the pistol. Today was the first chance I had to go put 200 rounds...
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    Springfield 1911 drop safety with titanium firing pin

    So I recently posted that I bought a Springfield Defender Mil Spec 1911, and am waiting anxiously for it to arrive at the FFL for pickup. I’ve know about the light titanium firing pin and heavy firing pin spring which is reportedly how they achieve drop safe. I’m not planning to carry this...
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    “Pulled the trigger” on a Springfield mil spec 1911

    Have been wanting a decent replica of a WWII era M1911A1. The Springfield Defender Mil Spec parkerized model has been highly reviewed and is American made with a stainless match grade barrel. Saw one available, at a discount from MSRP, with free shipping. That’s like Kryptonite to Superman. My...
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    Holosun HS507K using CHPWS adapter

    Anyone have a Hellcat OSP and using a Holosun HS407K or HS507K? Looking specifically for folks who used the adapter mounting plate sold by CHPWS. Any issues with fit? Do you get any cowitness at all?
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    Anyone EDC a Hellcat on their ankle?

    Subject says it. Looking for any experiences from people who EDC a Hellcat but do it in an ankle holster. Too heavy? Works well? And what holsters do folks recommend or not recommend?