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  1. jumpinjoe

    The e-mail was too late!

    I just got an email from Ammunition Depot advertising US Cartridge 9mm 124 Grain TMJ (200 ct) for $84 iirc. By the time I saw it and got to the site, it said "Out of Stock". What the hell is a man to do? About .42 round is the best by far I've seen in a while!!!
  2. jumpinjoe

    Those aftermarket triggers for the Hellcat

    Anyone see any real difference between the 'Patriot' ($99.99) and the 'Monarch' ($79.99) triggers other than color. I looked at the specs and maybe missed it but I didn't really see any mechanical difference.
  3. jumpinjoe

    Which CCW Insurance Program?

    I know just a few days ago there was a thread about someone getting the run-around over his membership availability 'not being found' or something real similar. I don't remember ever seeing a solution for him and was wondering if there was one and would like to know again which company that was...
  4. jumpinjoe

    Those boars are really mean!

    A while back we were talking about those feral pigs and just how mean some of them can be .... well, I ran across this short video (TikTok) this afternoon and thought about the old thread. It just seemed to be right for those who may have never had occasion to be involved with these boars. Take...
  5. jumpinjoe

    I always knew it happens....... just never realized how much certain guns are/were passed around !!!!

    I just read a really enlightening story about one particular hand gun that was passed around from one bad guy to another and used in so many shootings so many times I lost count. The real 'eye opener' of the story is that this very thing happens many, many times with many, many guns every single...
  6. jumpinjoe

    For all you feral hog hunters/trappers!

    Earlier today I ran across this 'Tiktok" or "Youtube" video (not sure which) showing the capture of an entire 'sounder' of feral pigs, from the full grown sows to pigs and even a couple ol' boars. I thought it might just be from one of our own here on the forum ...... NO, not one of our own hogs...
  7. jumpinjoe

    What happened to "What About Afghanistan?" I thought it was going pretty well.

    Went to bed last night (I think) thinking about some of the posts on this thread. Lot's of good perceptions/comments and as best I remember no, or very little politics, considering the topic. Maybe I've confused it with some other thread. Somebody straighten me out please.
  8. jumpinjoe

    I found a new gun oil/cleaner

    Anybody ever hear of "Milsek" (est 1914) Gun oil and cleaner? I accidentally ran into it and decided to buy a bottle to try. But before I used it, thought I'd ask around to see if any of you folks are familiar with it. It claims to clean well, then the cleaner evaporates and leave only the oil...
  9. jumpinjoe

    Hey mods, a little help please!

    Once again I'm not receiving notices of updates to threads in my email. I've not made any changes to any of my settings, so I'm pretty sure it's the same thing happening again as the couple times before. Please look into it and fix it for me permanently if you can. If there is something I need...
  10. jumpinjoe

    That little "HP22"

    Just last night I acquired a little "Phoenix" HP22. I don't know anything about it, but it reminds me of the old "Jennings" pistols of years ago. Smaller than the LCP, appears to be stainless, and quite heavy for it's size. Stamped 22LR and has a rather unique way of breaking down/field...
  11. jumpinjoe

    Thoughts from inside the ATF

    Here's a link to a good read regarding the thoughts of at least one former ATF officer regarding the worth of Mr. Chipman, potus' nomination for ATF Director. https://www.yahoo.com/news/atf-agents-former-director-concerned-111927448.html
  12. jumpinjoe

    This ZQi ammo I keep hearing about

    I don't know a single thing about it .......... tell me what you know!
  13. jumpinjoe

    The Cornyn/Murphy talks regarding extending back ground checks ....................

    Seems to have come to a halt. I first offered a link to the story a week or so ago, so when I saw this article I felt it ought to be updated. This is neither an endorsement nor a denial of the issue at hand, just updating the story. It's a pretty short read. Here's the link...
  14. jumpinjoe

    Somebody finally wised up!!!

    A link to an article where someone in authority (a south Florida police chief) may have finally seen the light. One of his first statements was that criminal activity with guns, especially those who have been disallowed guns, should face serious jail time ..... actually said this: "Miami Police...
  15. jumpinjoe

    The truth about our guns ............... and our responsibilities surrounding them

    This is one of the best articles I've ever read concerning the responsibility of gun ownership, and how that responsibility is so often overlooked and/or dismissed by the anti-gun folks. A really good read: https://www.yahoo.com/news/matt-markey-gun-crime-convenient-183300810.html
  16. jumpinjoe

    To tell the truth!

    Here's a simple read supported by some ideologue representing the "Gifford's Group" for gun control who tells a bald faced lie about 1/3 the way into the video. He tells the host that there is NO federal law requiring background checks. What the heck does he think the NICS is? TIP: He knows dang...
  17. jumpinjoe

    Question about the forum

    Some time back whenever a reply was posted, in the heading above the post would be some minor forum specs, specifically the number of current members. I remember seeing it on many occasions and even used the number shown as 'current members' in some of my "welcome to the forum" posts. But I just...
  18. jumpinjoe

    Another assault on the 2nd

    The ATF is poised to release a proposal to regulate 80% receivers now as 'firearms', calling the finished product a "ghost gun". A quick read of the proposal indicates an end to the marketing of anything much resembling a 'kit', and further defines and narrows the definition of a 'firearm' to...
  19. jumpinjoe

    Just a thought for something new!

    To the moderators: I know just a few days ago there was an inquiry as to whether or not we had a "For Sale" or "Swap-n-trade" sight and the answer was basically no to both, but don't recall any rationale given. So, I was just wondering if there was at any time any thought given to trying one or...
  20. jumpinjoe

    That Aero Precision pistol!

    Somebody tell me all there is to know about the Aero Precision pistol. I read an article earlier today about one being sold through an illegal gun sales racket from the back of a new car on a dealership lot. This particular one mentioned apparently had some kind of "drop in" auto sear and was...