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    How to Grow Your Own Toilet Paper

    I always carried folded paper towels in my back pocket. 3 or 4 folded paper towels and you can take care of any BM you might have in the woods and you don't have to worry about using the wrong leaves.
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    Pheasant opener…

    Good time afield , good food on the table.
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    CobraTec knives

    Here for an update . I have had this knife a little over a year now and still carry it every day. It hasn't failed me yet. I do have to sharpen it more often than I would like but it is easy enough to get the edge where I want it. The blade has not shown any tarnish as of yet either...
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    Micro Miracle 9mm Roundup

    I am also looking at the Ruger Max-9 . I really like my LCPII and the Max looks like a copy only bigger. It will come down to how the trigger feels.
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    Does anyone check

    Happy buirthday you dadgum young whippersnapper. :unsure: Ima wonderin' did I speel buirthday correct. Ima surtin I did. It sounds out rite. Anyway Ima hopin you done did have a fantastik day. (y) ;) ;)
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    Rubber Bullets

    cico7 , let me be clear , I don't want to kill anyone either. I will shoot , with real bullets , to stop the threat. As soon as that threat is stopped I will then call 911 and get help on the way. One other thing ( I understand your reasoning here ) , lets say someone breaks in and you shoot...
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    How to make the United States united again?

    Yes I was taught about " see spot run " but my grade school also taught the vowels. You are correct about the struggles that go hand in hand without the vowels being taught. I also think this goes along with the problems of How to make the states united because without reading comprehension ...
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    Rubber Bullets

    JMHO , if it has come to needing to protect yourself and/or family from a bad person , who obviously is willing to hurt/kill you , why would anyone want to use rubber bullets? I wouldn't contemplate using rubber bullets under such circumstances .
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    How to make the United States united again?

    After I became disabled in 2005 , I started babysitting my Granddaughter to save my stepdaughter some money. I wanted to work with the Granddaughter on her reading skill. Well I soon became aware that she didn't know anything about the vowels. They were not teaching vowels and their sounds to...
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    Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Force Gun Shops to Expand Security Measures

    Just reading the headline I knew where this came from. The Illinois state law makers put almost half of the state FFLs out of business with all the requirements they passed in their bill.
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    This Is Very Hard For Me To Write

    So Sorry for your son and your whole family. My prayers will be with you in this time of need. I pray this will be the turning point your son needed to get help . Stay strong and know that we here have your back . We are family also.
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    Mean while back at KL’s back yard…….

    He sure is going to be in trouble when that finger falls off of both hands. :rolleyes: ;) :ROFLMAO:
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    How to make the United States united again?

    Here is what I have to say about abortion ....... " IF " I shoot a woman who is pregnant and I kill her and her fetus , why am I charged for two murders? However if that same woman decides to abort her fetus at the same point of her pregnancy all is well in the World. You can't have it both...
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    ⚠️ PUBLIC WARNING ⚠️ Aggressive behavior and profanity will not be tolerated.

    Yep. These dadgum young whippersnappers are just to fast for us. 🤣
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    What's Your EDC, PLEASE VOTE

    I have an XDs .45 that likes to go on trips with me quite often. ;)
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    ⚠️ PUBLIC WARNING ⚠️ Aggressive behavior and profanity will not be tolerated.

    😧 What , you mean I missed out on that too?!
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    ⚠️ PUBLIC WARNING ⚠️ Aggressive behavior and profanity will not be tolerated.

    :unsure: I always miss out on the good stuff. :(
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    How to make the United States united again?

    I have said it before and will say it again . I think most of the trouble between the people of the two political parties is instigated by the media. They see something and then twist it . Example : The story about Border Guards on horse back whipping illegals which turned out to be false...
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    A serious message for and about us older folks

    I hear it tastes like chicken . ;)
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    😂😏Jokes 2.0🧐🤣

    Must have been the first date . He is still sitting up. 😉 😈