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    I am getting wet today.

    Going on 10 years ago I retired from IT in the auto industry. Soon after I took a "retirement gig" as a special needs school bus driver. The kids can be pretty amazing. I did find out that God has a special sense of humor though. Every time it rains, it rains hardest when I am running the...
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    Fell into the trap

    Fell into the trap of the poor teacher/intelligently arrogant/life long knowledge owner. Having had a shoulder injury and the onset of arthritis due to probably hundreds of dislocations over the years I found myself unable to shoot my favorite 70 lb recurve, and had to drop down to a lower...
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    Blast from the past.

    Anyone else remember these? I was just a couple years too young but a good friend showed me his copy. https://www.americanrifleman.org/content/speaking-the-g-i-s-language-the-m16-comic-book-manual/
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    Lone wolf Ltd19

    I was just perusing the internet and found these. Never been a Glock fan due mostly to how it feels in my hand. These look interesting. But, does it have compatability with Glock spare parts, I know magazines yes. And will they fit in holsters for Glocks?
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    The Days a light bulb went on

    What were those days when the proverbial lightbulb went off for you, for whatever it may be. A few come to mind for me. The first is quite a number of years ago, 1977, when I was sitting down by the river eating my lunch after getting out of high school early my senior year. suddenly I heard a...
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    Conversation around the game table.

    We were playing our weekly games last night, this has been a ritual for about 15 years, and started with my wife and I, and both of our parents. Over the years people have died and now it's us and my mother. Anyways... Survivorman was on inthe background and he was talking about coconut crabs...
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    Told my gun guy

    I told my gun guy to keep his eyes out for 4 inch EMP. a 4.25 Ronin in 9mm, or a SW model 19 Comp Carry. I would take whichever he finds first. I like dealing through him because I can feel them before actually buying. If I do not like , he simply sells it to someone else, with no ill feelings.
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    New shoes for the model 60.

    Just got the new grip after 9 week wait from Altamont. Covid slowed things down they claimed, but, it was worth the wait, feels great.
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    10, or 15

    Ok, have been spending time deliberating on something to buy. 1911s are definitely on the mind but lately have been considering something I have never owned, nor really considered strongly, a high cap pistol. So I am considering the merits of 10 and 15 capacities. I have really never felt...
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    Confused, so confused...

    Just got back from a quick stop at my local shop and so many interesting choices i really liked today. From the darkside in polymer strikers in the Hellcat RPD, and the Sig p365 Xl, to the steel and hammer fired in the EMP 3 inch, CZ P01, and Kimber Ultra Carry II to the wheel guns in the SW...
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    42nd anniversary present

    42 years ago I married a beautiful young woman, who still looks that way to this old guy. She stealthily bought something I have looked at on at for a few years.
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    New York reload

    I have started carrying a New York Reload constantly. It consists of either a Jframe in my left hip pocket, or the Taurus M380 in my left pocket. Which one depends upon what I am carrying on my right hip, if it's the Model 60 in .357 I carry the Jframe in .38 special and carry .38 special...
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    Favorite movie quotes and scene

    John Wayne in True Grit. LAWYER "was your revolver loaded and cocked?" Roster Cogburn" well a gun that's unloaded and cocked ain't good for nothin."
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    9mm 1911 reliabilty

    I have shot 1911s for better than 50 years, but always in .45 acp. Until I bought the Browning .380 1911 which has been very reliable. Since dropping down in calibers due to arthritis and I sold my .45s, I have still had the yen for a 1911, which my .380 kinda scratched. With it coming up on...
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    Any Patrick Mcmanus fans?

    I just love his work. He made me laugh like no one else. I could be in the worst mood and read one of his stories and just laugh. One of the only authors I have all his books. At one time I had all his books autographed, but there are a few I got after meeting him. He was a very nice, and...
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    Omg i forgot how fun

    I had forgotten how fun an 1873 SAA is to shoot. A friend brought his new Tradition 1873 .357 over and it was so much fun to shoot. Something to definitely ponder...
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    EDC flashlights

    What lights do you carry on a regular basis? I have very light sensitive eyes, so I do not generally go for the huge output lights. I have a couple laying around in the vehicles for uses where long throw and output might come in handy. Generally most of my carry lights run between 50 and a top...
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    I have never owned a 9x19 mm, or 9mm luger, pistol. I do own a 9x18 Makarov , but never the other. I was always .45 acp mainly in pistol, with a smattering of .380s. My revolvers were mainly. 44 mag and 357 magnum. My doctor, who happens to be a shooting partner, advised I go to lighter...
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    Favorite gun enthusiast movies.

    What are your favorite "gun" movies. My favorite is probably The Professionals with Lee Marvin. Way Of The Gun is not bad either. It generally shows a lot of reloading of the 1911s and revolvers in a realistic fashion. But one scene with a Galil seems like quite a few shots from one magazine...
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    New rifle build

    Got ya... you thought AR. I bet lol. It's about 3/4 done. Got everything inlaid and the stock rough shaped. patterned after prerevolutuonary long rifles in .54.