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    Holster recommendations.

    I like Crossbreed holsters.
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    Joe Biden Plans To Spend Your Money On A Fake Gun Violence Epidemic

    Getting the CDC involved so that so called "gun violence" can be designated as a public health risk has been tried before. Fortunately, we had enough people in Congress with sense that a law was passed preventing the CDC from doing whatever they were doing (my memory is kinda short). I'm not...
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    Thanks, Anni. Never hurts to be reminded.
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    Fell into the trap

    Good for you, Sld1959! If you don't intervene, your son-in-law will likely end his archery hobby.
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    A Question to Ponder on Miscreant Control

    I guess what the main question is for what crimes or mental states can someone's constitutionally guaranteed rights be taken away. We take away freedom when we lock someone up for a crime. I think restricting them from owning a firearm isn't all that big a step.
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    Combat Shotgun Basics with Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch

    Great video, Talyn. Thanks.
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    How to Use a Field Shotgun For Home Defense

    Thanks for the link, Talyn. Good article.
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    First Large Company pulls out of Shot Show

    Sometimes, when you don't want to do something anyway, you just need a good excuse to save face. Reading between the lines, I see some sort of a standoff with NSSF.
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    This Is Very Hard For Me To Write

    Somehow, I had missed this thread earlier. All of us need to support those organizations that help folks who feel like they are at the end of their rope and life just isn't worth living. Your son and family will be in my prayers, Keystone.
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    How to make the United States united again?

    Great attempt anyway, Benstt. :) The United States is filled with several million good people. Just when I think there is no hope, I see young folks doing something that gives me pause and makes me think maybe there is hope yet. Do I think there are people behind the scenes who have real...
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    Bear Safety: Parts 1-3

    Thanks for the link, Talyn. Interesting!
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    The Armory Life Interviews: Carol Reese, Matriarch of Springfield Armory

    Thanks, Mike! What a good story.
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    Even the French Think We're Crazy

    It looks to me like that guy is pretty smart!
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    IMHO, a serious problem with the XD-E trigger design.

    About my only complaint with the XD-E is the trigger (as you outlined) with regard to the long reach in DA and the curved design which does make it a little hard on your trigger finger when shooting DA. I realy don't have an issue with "still lots of creep, a crappy reset, a long, mushy take up...
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    I think I'm done with Cabela's

    It would be better for everybody, except maybe your pocketbook, if folks would shop for a gun at a local gun store.
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    How to make the United States united again?

    I know we read about those things in the schools, but I know personally a few teachers that are not leftists. Most of the things like CRT, etc., are, I believe, being forced on the teachers by school administration, and the administration is responding to protect their funding. And, I think an...
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    How Relationships Affect What Happens and What You Hear and Read

    Thanks, Chance. I am not surprised in the least.
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    Is the .357 Magnum the Best Option for Personal Defense?

    I didn’t see the 44 magnum in the article.
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    Carry vs No Guns sign.

    There was a shooting last week at a Kroger store in our area. I don’t believe Kroger bans guns, but I think if a business prohibits carrying, then that business assumes the responsibility to protect you. If you get shot shopping there, then they should be held responsible for making you whole.