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    What Makes a Redneck at Thanksgiving?

    Thankfully, no. My family was very cool and we're good at staying respectful. I'm sorry your Thanksgiving sucked. That's a true shame.
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    Recycling Brass for Cash

    In a propane-fueled forge. Put the brass in a crucible with a little bit of borax to help filter out the impurities, scoop them off, and pour it into a Petrobond mold.
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    Recycling Brass for Cash

    I think brass has a pretty good value per pound. Give it a go and find out. Personally, I melt down brass I don't reload and cast it into other things.
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    Does anyone else try

    Yes, quite often. I have some threads or posts on what works for me on the forum. I live in a blue state but one that has a lot of hunters outside the metro. Being a Democrat and a professional who also strongly supports 2A gives me a good platform to talk with the antis.
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    All 3 guilty in Arbery murder

    I think the court in which the three were just convicted was a state court. It was for murder, not hate crimes. the hate crimes case was just charged. The three guys chased their victim down with a shotgun, impeded his travel, then killed him when he tried to get away from them. People get...
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    All 3 guilty in Arbery murder

    I have to agree. I think all three juries came to the correct verdicts under the law.
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    All 3 guilty in Arbery murder

    This is a wonderful thing! They all deserve what they get, no matter how harsh.
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    Am i going to hear it now

    I thought you fell on a broadhead at first! It has that three-blade puncture look.
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    M1A Springfield 308 scope accuracy problem

    I'd think if the mount was not parallel with the barrel you'd probably get a good group, just not where you want it. This might be a silly question but did you make sure you torqued the rings together properly? Even if the mount is secure, might the scope be lose in the rings? How many...
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    Traditional Firepower in the Modern Age: The M1A Lineup

    I also have one that reaches out to 1250 yards a couple hours away. I haven't been to that one yet.
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    Traditional Firepower in the Modern Age: The M1A Lineup

    It depends on the M1A. With some good loads my Loaded PRE can get pretty close to 1 MOA over 5 shots. I'd be pretty upset to get 2-3 MOA, at least at the 500 yard range I frequent.
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    I guess I'll pull put my 7.5 inch Super Blackhawk hogleg in a cowboy-style and carry that bugger around.
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    Custom grips

    Teak is one of my favorites. I made an end grain cutting board and charcuterie board out of teak for my mom this spring. It has a lot of character. I'm looking at making a maple cabinet this winter and might want to do some teak inlays.
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    Saint Victor .308 Butter Butter Jam

    Yes, I has those problems with a batch of Lake City brass when I first bought the rifle. It was supposed to be ready to go brass but I learned the shoulders hadnt actually been knocked back yet. Getting different ammunition sorted that problem out. It was also grouping on the target like a...
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    Who reloads either pistol or rifle

    I load FMJ in practice and banger rounds. All my hunting or other purpose-built rounds are something else. Often a good ballistic tip or HP monolith, occasionally a leadcore for hunting rounds, Matchkings for anything target related, and hardcast or Lehigh bullets for wilderness defense.
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    SST vs GMX

    I can't find my 165gr SSTs at the moment so I bought some closeout 165gr GMXs for my Victor .308. I loaded both to 2.800 inch. The SSTs are above 42.5gr IMR 4895, the GMXs are above 42.5gr of 4064. I compared both of them this morning. About 34 degrees with a 30mph wind from my rear left...
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    Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts.

    I think this thread is pretty played out. Anything of value that can possibly be said has been said.
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    Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts.

    I think you're making it too black and white. The first guy killed attacked Kyle, based on some evidence and testimony. The next two shot thought they were stopping and active shooter based very little information. They were not at all wrong or evil. They were trying to do what a lot of us...
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    Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts.

    They just saw him shoot someone dead. If those are all the facts they had at hand and they tried to stop the shooter, they did a noble thing. That's right along the lines of "the only thing that beats a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." Or a skateboard.
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    Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts.

    That's not going to support a slander or libel case. If it did, anyone who called OJ a murderer would be on the hook for slander since he was acquitted. So would Hannity every time he called someone a socialist if that person was not, in fact, a registered socialist. The parents do have a...