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  1. FlatEarthFred

    Coolest gun moment in a movie

    You all have any favorite "gun" movies, and a particular scene? For me, it's "Way of the Gun". From the hallway scene to the final shootout at the end, the gun handling in this movie is amazing! How about you all?
  2. FlatEarthFred

    Cheap interactive targets

    I've been looking for some cheap interactive targets I can use with my CCW guns and just tumbled on these. http://www.championtarget.com/targets/interactive/duraseal.aspx Anyone tried any of these out? Do they really stand up to the abuse of something like a 9mm or .45?
  3. FlatEarthFred

    How much spare ammo do you all carry?

    Hey gang, I was curious how much spare ammo you all carry (and how). I'm currently carrying two spare mags in my pocket with ammo armor carriers. That gives me an extra 34 rounds of 9mm handy. I've known guys that just carry a J-frame or a something like a 911 with no spare ammo, but I've always...
  4. FlatEarthFred

    I would run from the bear

    I got a kick out of the article on the 10mm versus bear on the Amrory Life https://www.thearmorylife.com/will-10mm-stop-a-bear/ and agree that 10mm would be pretty good choice, but is it really enough? Wouldn't a .44 Mag or something like that be a better choice?
  5. FlatEarthFred

    1st and 2nd focal plane

    I've always used second focal plane scopes, but did not really know that there was a different type with the first focal plane ones. https://www.thearmorylife.com/whats-first-vs-second-focal-plane/ It looks like the FFP ones are better for guys who want to spend more on their scope and do longer...