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  1. Recusant

    Good post-Thanksgiving humor.

    https://babylonbee.com/news/top-8-reasons-you-absolutely-dont-need-a-gun/ I keep one of these to use during times of civil unrest:
  2. Recusant

    Americans’ support for stricter gun-control measures has fallen.

  3. Recusant

    Saw one yesterday.

    Went to my LGS yesterday and saw a brand new SA 35. The shop had it listed for $679 and as I was reaching for my credit card a staff member came up and told me it was for display only. At least I got to hold it. It looked nice with the flat black finish. Unfortunately they are not taking...
  4. Recusant

    Veterans Day

    To all Veterans on this forum who served in peace and war - Thank You. By Lee Charles (Buck Private) McCollum
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    Miscellaneous Gun Quotes from the Buckeye Firearms Association

  6. Recusant

    Remington moving global headquarters to Georgia.

  7. Recusant

    My message to Alex Baldwin.

    On Monday, Alex Baldwin issued a rare social media post since the tragedy to note that he believes having a police presence paid for by networks or studios would lead to fewer gun-related mishaps. Let me clear this up for Alex. If one can't discern the difference between the live round and a...
  8. Recusant

    Anybody else collect bayonets?

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    Sniper Who Broke World Record

  10. Recusant

    Very good news for VA gun owners

  11. Recusant

    New Gov't Program

    The effort also includes the Justice Department finalizing a rule that was first proposed in 2016 and would require stores that sell firearms to also offer secure gun storage and safety devices, the White House said...
  12. Recusant

    It's that time of the year.

    It's bow season in Virginia and one of my son's friends shot this one recently.
  13. Recusant

    Two more sites to avoid.

    Two more questionable sites to avoid. Clue: no phone, pay through Zelle or cryptocurrency https://coltgunshop.com/ https://winchestergunstore.com
  14. Recusant

    Colt New Frontier SA revolver.

    Picked this up during the week. It's mid 70s production. The frame on these is not an alloy but steel. It came with the .22 mag cylinder installed, but sadly the .22 cal cylinder didn't come with it. This SA revolver has seen some use and I plan to see it gets more There are some rust spots...
  15. Recusant

    They're been reading Annihilator's posts!

    Apparently some guy named Marvin has sold the Navy on the Counter-Unmanned Air Systems High Energy Laser Weapon System. The Counter Earth Combatant Energy Laser Weapon System can't be too far behind based on what we've seen Annihilator post here. Just a heads up!:cool...
  16. Recusant

    Forgotten Weapons tours the Manurhin MR-73 factory.

    Even at $3300 Manurhin revolvers are really difficult to pass on, but after years of therapy I can almost pass up expense guns that are too nice to shoot. The Forgotten Weapons series is one of my YouTube favorites and this factory tour is full of eye candy. For you young guys you should buy...
  17. Recusant

    “Old Jack” Hinson: Civil War Sniper

    I found this to be an interesting story and thought that some members here might enjoy reading it. There's a saying that goes “Beware the man with one gun, he knows how to use it” and it certainly applies in this case...
  18. Recusant

    Smith and Wesson is moving

    Move includes headquarters and significant portion of operations due to changing business climate for firearms manufacturing in Massachusetts...
  19. Recusant

    Hodgdon Closes GOEX Blackpowder Plant

  20. Recusant

    Another how to take down the 1911 pistol video

    For members who are new to 1911's this is a step by step guide how to: