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  1. Eliadoming


    I haven't tried venison in a mushroom cream sauce yet. Mushrooms go very well with potatoes, and mushroom sauce works well with pork and chicken. I' m used to cooking champignon - as for me it' s the most familiar one which is easy to prepare. A friend once advised me to cook some mushrooms...
  2. Eliadoming

    Need Recommendations: Mega Tank Printers

    I searched for a long time for Samsung Xpress SL-M2020W Toner and I found extremely high prices everywhere and I was desperate. In the end, I found on this site https://www.mrdepot.ca/products/samsung-SL-M2020W-toner and on the same day I placed the order because the price is great. So far I...
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    Need to class this joint up.

    So I am not a cretin because I do shave like my grandfather. I use a classic safety razor produced by Muhle. I think it is a German producer of razors and shaving brushes. I tried an electrical shaver, standard Gillette-like shavers. Then one day, I thought to try the old type of shaver like I...