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    Review: The Ronin EMP

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    Texas man shoots his girlfriend's ex-husband

    I just don't see where the firearm even needs to be brought into the altercation. This is wrong on the firearm owner, and beyond irresponsible. On the other hand, the guy did not heed the warnings and request to leave the property and tells him to use it or he will take it from him and use it on...
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    Black Friday 2021 ammo deals

    damn that's a good price on 9mm and .308
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    Does anyone else try

    Yes! I find myself in the same position as Austin grows increasingly blue, from a more purple status it is in currently in now. As i've stated a handful of times here I don't love the idea of open carry. I get why many are EDC'ers frown upon it. I do however, find myself open carrying on...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving to all.
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    Saint Victor .308 Butter Butter Jam

    Test different types of ammo and then send it back to SA if you still have the same issues. I had similar issues with mine.
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    Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke is still at it

    He's already done so by doubling down on his remarks about Hell yes we are going to take their AR-15's. He's already lost.
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    Romeo 1 Pro - X5 Legion - Mounting plate screws

    Haha I did post there as well since there is a Legion specific section. I'm not nearly as active over there as I am here. Much stronger sense of community here as well as more friendly posters, I've seen some real douche canoes on the SigTalk forums so I tend to stay away.
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    introducing…. My Garrison

    Indeed I did. And it looks real good in that holster!!
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    Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke is still at it

    Alot of Texans were disenfranchised with Abbott and he was not polling well, UNTIL Beto announced his intention to run, all of the sudden Abbott shot up in the polls quite a bit. I think it will be closer than most would like to see simply because of all the west coasters moving here in droves...
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    introducing…. My Garrison

    I was interested in the Garrison in Stainless maybe to contrast with my Ronin. Maybe not so much a priority now after your report. It sure looks like a damn fine gun though. I bet she's fun as hell to shoot. Enjoy brother.
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    Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke is still at it

    Him running was a christmas gift come early for Abbott.
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    Romeo 1 Pro - X5 Legion - Mounting plate screws

    Blow dryer worked wonders. Now, to figure out how far to zero. i've read alot of people saying 15 yards or 25 yards. I doubt i'll be shooting this thing at 25 yards in a self defense scenario. Any of you guys who use an RDS on a pistol, what's your take?
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    Romeo 1 Pro - X5 Legion - Mounting plate screws

    I stripped out the slide entirely at this point and saw nothing plastic. Will probably try using my gf's blow dryer to heat them up. I'm sure she's going to be thrilled ;)
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    Romeo 1 Pro - X5 Legion - Mounting plate screws

    I knew I read somewhere before to use heat. Thanks TFL.
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    Romeo 1 Pro - X5 Legion - Mounting plate screws

    Managed to pick one up for $310 out the door. Only problem is I can't get the goddamn screws on the underside of the slide out to remove the adjustable rear sight. It's in there REAL tight, probably with some threadlocker too. Any tips or is there a tool i'm missing here to make life easier...
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    I Found One (So I Bought It)

    Damn, super jealous. Still haven't seen one locally. Grats dude!
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    Recall Notice: Herter's 9mm Luger 115-Grain FMJ

    Qualified for my LTC with Norma 9mm FMJ lol. Shot nicely for me. Recently bought a bunch of the .308 as well... very reliable, not a single issue.
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    Ok, here's the little Kit Gun I asked about.

    Wow that thing is a beauty! Nicely done.
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    October Gun Sales 30 Percent Above Pre-Pandemic Levels

    Same here in Texas.