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    Review: The Ronin EMP

    Big fan of SA guns and service. Have two old, well worn 5" 1911's in .45ACP with about 100K between the two of them. But because of their size I'm carrying an SR1911 Officer Model by Ruger (ugh!) only 25 oz. empty with a 3.6" barrel. Have a total of five 1911 platform pistols. I like this new...
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    What Is the Springfield Armory Warranty? An Inside Look

    Where did you get that extended mag release button?
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    What Is the Springfield Armory Warranty? An Inside Look

    I've got two full size 1911's in .45ACP. One is about 35 years old and the other about 15. Between the two there are easily over 100K rounds. Over the years both have been back to Springfield once or twice and I stress it was not for defect failures. In both cases they paid shipping both...
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    Concealed vs. Open

    I'm a transplanted Yankee to South Central VA so I'm not going to touch the whole Confederate thing. But in my 78 years I have learned a thing to two about people who over compensate for their feelings of inadequacy. Again, I'm not going to spout wisdom about what those signs and behaviors...
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    Concealed vs. Open

    My take on open carry. You are open carrying and walking down the street. Approaching you is a yuppie type with his little girl, about 5 or 6. The issue of guns, of any type or kind, open or concealed is not on his radar. It's just not something he thinks about. It is not part of his...
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    An opportunity Of A Lifetime Or A Logistical Nightmare And Bust

    No expert in this field but... If this company is involved in making pistols into "faux" SBR's (google Roni and Micro-Roni) their future is closely tied to politics in the US. One glitch with the ATF and bingo they are essentially history. Ask them if they are willing to put funds in an escrow...
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    First Look: Springfield Armory Emissary 1911 Review

    Very nice. But I already have two .45ACP full size SA 1911's that have served me for 35 years. Let me know when you make this gun with an aluminum frame, 9mm chambering, and in at OFFICER MODEL light enough to carry all day. I'll send my deposit today.
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    Review: EMP Concealed Carry Contour 9mm

    OK Springfield, almost there. I like the idea of a "smaller" frame. So here's what I want now. Cut the grip height down to the same height as an Officer model and the barrel to 3-3.25" and make the frame out of a lightweight metal like aluminum or scandium. This might bring the weight down...
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    Why You Need a 911

    I'm a fan of 1911's. Notice I did not say 911 because I have no experience with them. But while I carry a 1911 Officer's model in 9MM as EDC I would not do so without the redundant safeties of the thumb and grip. My 5 1911's all have 4-5# triggers and I feel the safeties (2) are necessary...
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    Ayoob and the Ronin

    Pretty typical review for SA. I have two. The first is 35 years old with 80-90K rounds through it. Just broke 2nd extractor which SA replaced free, plus shipping both ways under warranty. Unbelievable! A free warranty repair plus shipping after 35 years of hard use. Only other company I've...
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    Question for the board members: If the SHTF, what food items are you stocking up on for a 3-6 month disruption in supply chains?

    Try washable metal mesh furnace filters. Easy to clean and if your paper filters run around $10 they will pay for them selves in 3-4 changes and they last essentially forever. Sounds like you're in good shape as long as you have power.
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    When Should You Take a Headshot?

    Good drill, well executed. But while the red dot is OK I'd be more willing to accept the drill if it was done with a small gun drawn from either IWB or OWB holster. I could probably successfully do this drill with my compensated competition 1911 in .45 from an unconcealed holster but maybe not...
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    Springfield Armory XD-E 3.8″ Review

    Thanks, this begins to answer my question. So the "safety/decocker" has two positions. Down allows it to fire and past fire position, decocks the hammer. Wonderful! So under stress if you intend to place the gun with a cocked hammer in the fire position by lowering the safety/decocker to the...
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    Springfield Armory XD-E 3.8″ Review

    Does anybody have first hand experience with this gun to be able to confirm my description of how I believe it would work?
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    Springfield Armory XD-E 3.8″ Review

    I carry a 1911 Officer model in 9MM. I'm a bit confused about the safety/decocker on the XDE. Here is my question. Empty gun, insert loaded magazine, rack slide, hammer is cocked, put safety in the up position which allows "cocked and locked" carry. But if I de-cock the hammer by pushing the...
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    Ayoob: Is the 1911 Wrong for CCW?

    The 5" is just too big and heavy for me. And I could never understand the Commander with the shorter barrel (We need longer barrels for sight radius, accuracy, weight out front to combat muzzle flip, and velocity.) and long grip which is harder to conceal. So I settled on an Officer model from...