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  1. Marklite

    The ''Woke'' are Waking Up

    What is this "the view?"
  2. Marklite

    Carry vs No Guns sign.

    I didn't see no sign.
  3. Marklite

    Cartridge of the Week: The .30-06 Springfield

    30-06, the cartridge at one time by which all other cartridges were judged!
  4. Marklite

    1911 & Wilson Shok-Buff ?

    I use the blue ones when I target practice but never when I carry.
  5. Marklite

    Fred Bear’s Ten Commandments of Hunting any Wild Game

    Fred Bear and Ernie Root, I'm still using their 50 to 60 year old Recurve Bows today!
  6. Marklite

    Has anybody tried this yet

    No thanks.
  7. Marklite

    NRA Board Fails to Take Corrective Action

    I just wish GOA was as large as the NRA!
  8. Marklite

    Are You Ready for a Food Shortage?

    Van Camps pork & beans 49 cents a can at Ruler Foods. Beans & franks, beans & rabbit, beans & venison, beans & spam, beans & beans, Victory garden doing great. I'm good for a year!
  9. Marklite

    Do you hail the great flag of the United States

    Doesn't everybody?
  10. Marklite

    Are You Ready for a Food Shortage?

    I'm ready, spam, spam, spam, spam!
  11. Marklite

    Is Revolver Ammo in Stock Near You?

    Ammo is coming back here locally, at prices I'll never pay. Thank you Richard Lee!
  12. Marklite

    GOA Action 7/20

  13. Marklite


    Stay out of st.louis, it's a cesspool.
  14. Marklite

    Seriously considering

    Yes, if I was your age (38 yrs ago) and welcome to the Forum.
  15. Marklite

    Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Bill to Abolish the ATF

    ATF should be a convenience store not a government agency!
  16. Marklite

    Is Revolver Ammo in Stock Near You?

    Nothing at the price I'm willing to pay.
  17. Marklite

    Dangerous, Threatening Rhetoric is the Tactic of Tyrants

    Xiden is not only brain dead, but a dangerous brain dead!
  18. Marklite

    Favourite boot

    Red Wing for decades now.