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  1. Grifter

    Springfield Armory Garrison 1911 Review

    It does look almost exactly like my Loaded from 1997.
  2. Grifter

    Springfield Armory Garrison 1911 Review

    Springfield, please give us a 2011 or a high capacity 1911 in 9mm. Please, please, please.
  3. Grifter

    Any way to mount Hex Dragonfly to pic rail?

    According to the website, the optic comes with a picatinny mount.
  4. Grifter

    Emissary 9mm

    Just got the email that they have the emissary in 9mm. Hello Christmas gift to myself!!!
  5. Grifter

    Should training be mandatory? Answer: No!

    Go watch some law enforcement shoot. It can be a little scary.
  6. Grifter

    Saint AR Pistol Failure

    I have an Edge that I bought shortly after they first came out. I ran that rifle in 3-gun and never once had a problem. It ran flawless from day one.
  7. Grifter


    I have been a USCCA member for a while now and I have the same questions you do. While I haven’t heard anything negative about them, I always wonder if I am missing something. I do think they provide more services than other insurance providers. I have been looking through their training...
  8. Grifter

    The Irony

    In basic our drill sergeant showed us very early what a blank would do. He placed a piece of paper on a chair and shot it with the blank at approximately ten feet. The pressure tore a hole through the paper. Not a nasty tear, but a circular hole. We learned real quick not to play around with...
  9. Grifter

    Flip up sights on the Saint.... Magpul?

    Hmmm, may need to find a replacement wrench. It does seem like those are over torqued. I have never had much of an issue removing the iron sights on my ARs.
  10. Grifter

    PSA to the Rescue!!!

    I know some of you won’t shoot steel, but it should bring downward pressure to the ammo market and increase availability. Go PSA go!!!
  11. Grifter

    GOA Action 10/19/21

    Please add your name. https://oneclickpolitics.global.ssl.fastly.net/messages/edit?promo_id=14360
  12. Grifter

    A Question to Ponder on Miscreant Control

    Well spoken sir.
  13. Grifter

    Fell into the trap

    Best thing is that you recognize the mistake and have a plan to fix it.
  14. Grifter

    GOA Action 10/15/2021

    Keep the pressure up peeps. https://www.gunowners.org/na10152021/
  15. Grifter

    GOA Action 10/13/21

    Latest GOA action item. Please add your name. https://oneclickpolitics.global.ssl.fastly.net/messages/edit?promo_id=14309
  16. Grifter

    4-H: Teaching the Next Generation of Gun Owners

    One of the high schools in my school district has a skeet shooting club I am about to volunteer at. Yay for free ammo to use with the students.
  17. Grifter

    4-H: Teaching the Next Generation of Gun Owners

    Stuff like this is fantastic for the next generation of gun owners.
  18. Grifter

    Ghost Guns

    Has anyone actually seen official statistics on ghost guns used in crimes? Not firearms with their serial number removed, but home made firearms from the kits or 3D printed. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/chuck-schumer-calls-president-biden-crackdown-ghost-guns
  19. Grifter

    The elephant in the room

    So I got censored and also had a thread removed. I completely understand the reason for both. While not thrilled with either, I agree with why they did. For the ones that don’t want to read political threads. Open it, see what it is about and move on. Nobody can make anyone read anything.