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    SST vs GMX

    I can't find my 165gr SSTs at the moment so I bought some closeout 165gr GMXs for my Victor .308. I loaded both to 2.800 inch. The SSTs are above 42.5gr IMR 4895, the GMXs are above 42.5gr of 4064. I compared both of them this morning. About 34 degrees with a 30mph wind from my rear left...
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    Luck of the Swedish

    I'm going through a bunch of boxes from the basement and I found three 20-round M1A magazines from a rifle I sold well over a decade ago ($55 for just one of those now) and two boxes of 50 Barnes TSX bullets I haven't seen in store or online in almost two years. Also many packs of bulk bullets...
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    Hornady SST

    Have any of you used Hornady's SSTs in your hunting rifles? I put together a batch of 50 165s over IMR 4895 and got a ~1.2 inch group at 100 with my Saint .308 and a Sig Tango4 1-4x. That's a lot better results than I thought I'd get. I'm very happy with the precision from those bullets but...
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    Range time with Dad

    I got to take my dad to my outdoor range this Saturday. It's over an hour from his place meaning we had plenty of time to talk about nothing in particular in the Jeep, which we haven't had a chance to do for a while. I brought my VP40, 686, and Super Redhawk .44. He's an old paratrooper but...
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    Anyone sold on Gunbroker?

    I set up a seller account so I can try to move my 1863 Springfield replica. They ask for two types of ID and a picture of me with them. Is the site legit and safe? I'm uncomfortable with sending that kind of information out.
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    How to make the United States united again?

    I'm going to take a risk with this post, knowing it could go off the rails but hoping we can all be civil and productive. I'll ask posters to not soapbox on any particular party or specific issue and keep it on target. I've been giving a lot of thought to how we can make the United States...
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    I think I'm done with Cabela's

    I went into a Cabela's to get my hunting license this weekend and wandered over to take a look at their pistols. They had a P30L, which I've been looking for for a long time. I asked to take a look at it and it felt great in my hand. I asked if they could take the trigger guard off so I could...
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    Girlfriend bought a Hi-Point

    My girlfriend decided to buy a carry gun due to some personal situations I won't go into here. We went to a local store and she browsed the case. It held many good options...and Hi-Points. I pointed out a couple really nice 9s, them she jumped on the Hi-Point. Her gun, her decision, I wasn't...
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    .357 Mag hunting bullets

    I'm using my revolver to hunt whitetail for the first time this year. I have 158gr XTPs and Gold Dots with the same powder charge and some 158gr JHPs with a substantial amount of 110 behind it. Have any of you used any of those on a hunt and do you have any input?
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    Smith and Wesson needs to step it up!

    As some of you know, I had to send my 686 back to Smith and Wesson for some warranty repairs. They replaced the yoke and firing pin. That all got completed on August 30. Since then it's been sitting in shipping for THREE WEEKS! They give me the same song and dance every time I call: it has...
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    Where to sell a musket

    I have a replica 1861 Springfield musket I want to sell. I think I still have the bayonet to go with it and maybe a cartridge pouch. Any idea where a guy can sell those things? Ebay won't touch them, will craigslist? Old black powder arms seem to have different rules than modern arms, I'm...
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    Where were you 20 years ago this morning?

    I'm not an especially sentimental man, but it got me a bit this morning. Where were you when you heard about the attack? I was in bed after a night of work at UPS. A friend from USMC boot camp called me and told me to turn on the TV because a plane just hit the WTC. I recall thinking he was...
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    Alone Dog

    Sadie Dog loves "Alone."
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    Colorado bound

    Have a good next week, all. My family and I are going to a cabin in the Rockies for a week with no cell service. I can't wait :)
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    New barrel for Bushmaster Varminter

    I bought a Varminter a year and a half ago. I had one years back was was amazingly precise. I wish I'd know about the steep drop in quality after Remington bought them bit it can't be helped. This one is just slightly better than my classic iron-sighted A2. Today it put together a nice 4moa...
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    Hottest food you've ever eaten

    I originally titled this "Hottest thing you've ever eaten" but that could have gotten some...risque answers :) I'll start. I went to a county fair in Owatonna, MN in 2013 or so and found a guy selling Jamaican jerk wings. I tried a sample of the spice but it was only "Minnesota hot." (Here...
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    More trouble for Sig

    Another cop injured by an allegedly defective P320. Man I'm glad I sold mine. https://www.fox13news.com/news/tampa-officer-sues-sig-sauer-for-alleged-defect-that-caused-misfire-injury
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    AR10 build

    I'm planning to build an AR10 for precision/long range shooting. I'm undecided on .308 vs 6.5 Creedmore. I have my Victor .308 for short distance. I've read there are two forms for AR10s. Any advice on a build? Barrel length, gas systems, etc? I'm entirely unfamiliar with doing this. I'm...
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    I forgot about this scene...

    Miami Vice. The court reporter always made me laugh.
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    Crooked LGS

    I thought about selling my HK45 today since I don't shoot it that well due to the trigger. It's in cherry condition, 3 mags, etc. Pricks told me it's a 60% gun and offered me $300. They had one on the shelf for $950. I didn't expect to get full purchase price but come on, that's just taking...