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    Trying something new…

    Hey all. Been doing some cheating on my SAs and been having a ton of fun with my p229. The DA/SA is great. Has me journeying down a path of a DA/SA EDC. Sure I could carry my p229 but I been exploring the lists and with inventory and pricing coming back to reality, I thought I would give...
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    Hex Wasp - Anyone’s randomly stop working?

    I know I can google-smart this more, but as I am doing that I thought I would post to our amazing forum. Purchased RDP…all good, wasp seems to be ok. Not the best but love the co witness and metal/design. Certainly works well. Went in the safe for a month + as I been busy. Took it out today...
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    Ammo avail?

    I am seeing ammo on the shelf more and more. I even ran across some 380 recently at $29 a box. Also seeing the results of remington coming back online as their ammo is online in many places now. what are you seeing?
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    Your Summer Carry…do you .380?

    Hi all- So curious, and I fully know .9mm is better (unless you are @10mmLife ), but anyone carrying .380. If so, why are you carrying? Summer dress means less layers, and I have been contemplating the .380. Sure I know my hellcat with 11 round is just about right, but when ounces matter...
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    Hellcat RDP Review

    Decent video by the fire arm blog https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2021/04/13/springfield-hellcat-rdp-review/
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    Guns.com hack

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    Hellcat RDP w/Hex Optic

    So I was doing my part helping out the industry...well actually just impulsed bought the hellcat RDP because I found it below MSRP. Few observations: - feels different than my first gen maybe the materials/gripping, although maybe I just wore mine down ha - the Hex MOA is small and not bright...
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    Hellcat RDP

    Ok all you earlier buyers. What you think about your new RDP? Seen the reviews and videos. Looks cool, sure maybe some gimmick but how’s the new trigger? Wasp handling a beating? Comp work well? Do you run w/put it?
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    Springfield EMP Thoughts?

    Hi All - found a few posts here and there on the EMP, but I ran into one today that I was considering picking up. I dont “need” it, but I like my 911, P938, and have yet to get something larger in this format (yes I know its not a “real” 1911). I have seen the videos online, and the size looks...
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    Trijicon RMRcc

    So now that it’s been out for a few months, does anyone have any feedback on the rmrcc. That darn required mounting plate kinda pisses me off. I am trying to decide if I mill one of my slides or get and adapter for my p365xl. Either way not exactly the most graceful install and DEF no co...
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    Conceal Carry Insurance?

    So been wondering what everyone does/uses. Lots of different schools of thought, but not all of us live in stand your ground/Castle law states. Please feel free to comment in thread if I missed one (which I am sure I did). Thank you!
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    Trijicon RMRcc “Deal”

    Probably posted on the wrong forum, and if this is a “deal” for some and others not :). Not too much out there on this from a use bit, but I just started looking for the heck of it, and came across this. Never bought from them Though, but seems to be 80-100 less than most listed...
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    M&P EZ Recall

    I know we dont have a ton of posts on M&P, but I recall many having the shield and others commenting on the EZ. Got a notice recently and thought I would post to the larger community. Stay safe. https://www.mpshieldezrecall.com/
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    New Handgun Suggestion

    Maybe I should be spending more time on my huge honey do list, or maybe even my real work, but I have been contemplating getting a new handgun. I know I should list out my “needs” but common I really dont need another... I currently have a hellcat OSP. It’s been great but funny thing after...