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    1911 Owners, Anyone Use These Recoil Buffers Before?

    I am new to the forum and new to the 1911 platform. I am currently still an active Police Officer\Firearms Instructor and carry a Glock as per dept regs. Since Im new to the 1911 world ( wish i got into them sooner) I can tell you my first 1911 is a Wilson Combat CQB. Had to be sent back to them...
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    Tourniquet Placement

    If I may, I took a Stop The Bleed class. It took about 5 hours of my time and it was free at one of my local hospitals.
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    Police Officer/Firearms Instructor

    Police Officer/Firearms Instructor
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    What Is the Best AR-15 Sling?

    Im a Police Officer /Firearms Instructor and I can say I use Magpul slings on my M-4s. I never encountered any issues with them but thats just my own experience with them and my opinion.
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    Favorite movie quotes and scene

    Was that the boogey man ? As a matter of fact, it was.... Dr. Loomis to Laurie Strode in the ending of the original Halloween.
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    Favorite movie quotes and scene

    Are you telling me that 200 men against your boy is a no win situation for us ? You send that many don't forget one thing ? What ? A good supply of body bags. Sheriff Teasle and Col. Trautman. First Blood.
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    Favorite movie quotes and scene

    I'm Batman....
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    Favorite movie quotes and scene

    You killed a man on company grounds Johnathan you leave me no choice but to declare you Excommunicado. John Wick...
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    Favorite movie quotes and scene

    Guns... Lots of Guns.... John Wick....
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    Update on Hellcat

    Thanks really appreciate the info but after seeing the video it looked really sweet so I kinda think since it caught my eye id ask around. But thanks for the info and I will seriously take it under advisement but didnt really think about the price too much at the time I saw the video of it.
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    Update on Hellcat

    Have the Hellcat and after today up to about a thousand rounds so far. No issues whatsoever. Thank you to everyone who responded to my post about the so called issue with the triggers. I appreciate it. Also. Just saw the brand spanking new Emissary. I am new to 1911 style 45's. Anyone on here...
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    An update

    An update
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    Hellcat Triggers

    I just recently purchased a Hellcat. Have about 200 rounds through it so far without any issues. A friend of mine asked if I had any issues with the trigger "locking up". Replied No. he proceeds to tell me there's videos on You Tube discussing the so called issue. I watched a few and only my...