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  1. Keystone19250

    Recycling Brass for Cash

    A question about who if anyone picks up there spent Brass to recycle for cash, a new recycling place opened up near me and I’m wondering if it would be worth picking it up? If anyone has what kind of dollar amount did you get?
  2. Keystone19250

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Let me be the first to wish everyone a very safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, I feel very blessed this year in that tragedy almost struck my family things are looking better for my son Tyler and I’m now a Grandfather. To all my friends on the forum and to your family members may you and your...
  3. Keystone19250

    FedEx Are You Kidding Me?

    The last three packages being shipped to me using FedEx, 2 by Springfield Armory and the one I’m currently expecting from SafariLand I’ve received estimated delivery dates and times that are totally ridiculous. The package from SafariLand was shipped ground left Jacksonville Florida at 3:50am...
  4. Keystone19250

    10MM Elite Range Day

    So I received the Extended 15 round mags for my new XDM Compact Elite 10MM and when you buy a gun from this particular LGS they offer a free range pass, 1 hour during the week and 30 minutes on a weekend day. I had no intention at spending an hour shooting as I only wanted to check function and...
  5. Keystone19250

    How Life Can Change, A Very Good Thing

    To all my friends on the forum I’m so very proud to announce the arrival of my first Grandchild who was born today to my son William and his fiancé. I’m a Grandpa for the first time. ❤️ Welcome to the world Olivia Rose S.
  6. Keystone19250

    I Found One (So I Bought It)

    Went shopping today and came home with a XDM Elite 3.8 10mm I’ve already removed the mag well and after warranty registration ordered 3 extended mags with sleeves. I picked up one 50 round box Sellier & Bellot 180 grain FMJ To try out, looking for suggestions on Ammo.
  7. Keystone19250

    Hospital’s Out Of Control

    I saw this on the news this morning, this is why people refuse to go to the hospital. Totally reprehensible. https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/woman-billed-700-after-sitting-in-er-waiting-room-for-7-hours-leaving-without-treatment.amp
  8. Keystone19250

    Say Hello To My (New) Little Friend

    Ok after my time at the range yesterday with my 3 handgun’s I strolled through the store to see what was available. As I’ve mentioned I’m looking for an XDM 3.8 or 4.5 inch barrel 10mm unfortunately no luck, what was there was an XDM 4.5 45ACP Hmmm according to the sales guy it’s been in gun...
  9. Keystone19250

    Outdoor Range This Morning

    So off I went to the outdoor range at Knob Creek this morning, the weather was crisp and cloudy no glare. I took my Glock Gen5 40SW, my Springfield XD Mod2 40SW and my Springfield 1911RO 45 This was the first time shooting the Glock and had only 2 very minor issues not worth mentioning. The...
  10. Keystone19250

    Sad to hear

    A great loss https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/10/18/politics/colin-powell-dies/index.html
  11. Keystone19250

    This Is Very Hard For Me To Write

    As I write this I’m having a hard time with my emotions, I have shared on the forum a couple times about my family today I’m sharing something I’m struggling putting into words. My ex-wife (Karen) and I have two boys together, one (Will) is an adopted foster child the other is our biological...
  12. Keystone19250

    What Would You Do (If)

    So just recently one person, the identity currently still unknown just won the almost 700 million dollar PowerBall jackpot. Now of course he/she won’t get that much after taxes and whether they choose annuity or lump sum but let’s be realistic that is a 💩 load of money. So here’s my question...
  13. Keystone19250

    Looking For Recommendations

    So I’ve been passively looking for a Springfield XDM 10mm but not having much luck, So I thought maybe a XDM in 40S&W also no luck. I decided to check out the Springfield website and found out the XDM is no longer being made in a 40 Caliber 😢 and the 10mm is impossible to find, after multiple...
  14. Keystone19250

    It Just Keeps Getting Worse

    MLB gear maker to move 80% of work to China. https://www.fox9.com/news/sen-smith-calls-on-rawlings-to-reconsider-decision-to-send-minnesota-jobs-to-china.amp
  15. Keystone19250

    Couldn’t Believe What I Was Hearing

    This is the time of the year when I start doing or should I say getting general maintenance done on my truck to get ready for cool/cold weather. Oil changes and tire rotation I leave to the dealer, other things I do myself. Yesterday I went looking for an air filter for my 2017 F250 3 auto...
  16. Keystone19250


    This is California at its best. https://www.newsweek.com/new-san-francisco-initiative-pay-individuals-not-shoot-others-1624676?amp=1
  17. Keystone19250

    I Pulled The Trigger.

    Following my documented concern with what I saw as being an ongoing issue with the BCG in my Savage MSR10 Hunter AR Chambered in .308 I’ve been contemplating selling it. Yesterday I stopped by the outdoor range which has a fantastic store, I was looking for a Springfield XD-M in 10mm...
  18. Keystone19250

    An opportunity Of A Lifetime Or A Logistical Nightmare And Bust

    I may be jumping the gun on this but I’m excited to share, I also need some help. Many of you know I spent 20 years in the firearm industry, 15 years with Marlin Firearms as a production worker and CNC machine operator making Bolt Action gun stocks. The last 2 years with Marlin after the company...
  19. Keystone19250

    Another Mindless Moron.

    Totally unbelievable...
  20. Keystone19250


    Couple who pointed guns at protesters pardoned by Governor...