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    Review: XD-S Mod.2 OSP 3.3″ .45 ACP

    Why didn't you make a 4 inch 45 acp along with the 9mm? I have been searching the used market for a gen 1 4 inch 45 with no success. I have a 3.3 9mm with a crimson trace red dot and I love it, but if I could I'd trade it for a 4 inch. That extra length of barrel helps velocity, and contrary...
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    What Is the Best AR Caliber for Hunting?

    You also left out the 300 hamAR from Wilson.
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    When Is Using Your CCW a Mistake?

    I agree totally with what you said, I would be interested in what options you have as a senior citizen who may be targeted just because of age, gait, or perceived weakness. I don't need a cane yet and I never was a fighter but I would be concerned as to what someone would have to do to avoid...
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    Top 5 Dumbest Movie Guns of All Time

    I sometimes wonder if these types of movies give our politicians their ideas for "safe" guns
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    Three of a Kind: Springfield’s Deep-Cover 9mms

    Especially now that it has a red dot available for it. Plus it holds 1 more round than the 911 with the small magazine and total of 9+1 with the extended magazine. That should make it a 4 of a kind group.
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    Springfield Armory XD-E 3.8″ Review

    I've fired a USP and HK45 while I like H&K guns I really hate paying 50+dollars for a magazine. Besides an XDe with a 4 inch or 3.8 inch barrel is more of a compact gun.
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    Springfield Armory XD-E 3.8″ Review

    I've shot the XDe but not the 92 so what I said above it correct. If you have decocked the gun then put the gun on safe with the safety lever taking it off safety would give you a gun in double action mode.
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    Springfield Armory XD-E 3.8″ Review

    My wish if after the next 4 years we still have a constitution and a free government that they would make a 45 acp with a 3.8 or 4.5 inch barrel. An extended magazine that would hold at least 8 45acp or 10 9mm would be very nice too.
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    Springfield Armory XD-E 3.8″ Review

    The safety works as you said, however you do not need to place the safety up when it is in double action mode. It is optional at that time the feeling being that the long heavier trigger pull of double action isn't going to have a negligent discharge since you have a 11 +- trigger pull to shoot...
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    Did America Not Need the Garand?

    It's been said that Germany didn't feel the need for a semi automatic rifle because they didn't think the war would be that long. (Ernst Udet the head of the Luftwaffe wanted to halt ME 262 development for that reason. Just think if it had been available in 1942 instead of 44-45 how many B17 and...
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    Taking the XD-M Elite to 130 Yards

    Does anyone know if the regular XDm magazines will work in the elite magwell? It appears that they took a XDm magazine and added an extended floor plate that holds 3 more rounds. Just thinking that without the magwell they might work and give me another option.
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    Anatomy of a Defensive Bullet

    My understanding of FBI protocol is that to pass they have to be able to pass through various barriers Glass being one of them. They then have to expand reliably after doing so. Todays auto glass is easy to penetrate the problems with all bullets is will it veer off from point of aim. That is...
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    First Look: Optics-Ready XD-S Mod.2 OSP 9mm

    How about Springfield Armory offering an OSP cut slide for those of us who already have the 3.3 9mm XDs Mod 2? please please pretty please...
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    How much spare ammo do you all carry?

    One of the things that no one has mentioned much about, the weak link in any magazine fed weapon is the magazine. Granted they are super reliable and almost never ever fail. But the day you think Murphy died he will come back and let you know otherwise. For that reason alone it would seem wise...
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    Carrying a full size handgun? Do you do IWB or OWB?

    I've carried everything from a Browning High Power to XD service size guns IWB without any problem. You dress around the gun even with a spare tire. Carrying doesn't have to be comfortable just Comforting. OWB is easier to carry just harder to dress around.
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    Bridget Stalked on the Trail

    One other suggestion, since you are probably not within cell phone range when you are in the mountains, from the area that you are in you might look into amateur radio as a means of communication. It never hurts to have a back up means to communicate with. Radios are not expensive and you could...
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    What would you like to see Springfield armory make next?

    Bring back in Mod 2 form the compact XD with 4 inch barrels, in all calibers. The people who think a 3 inch barrel is more concealable than a 4 inch one have been listening to the internet too much. You can shoot a 4 inch barrel more accurately than you can with a 3 inch one. Higher capacity...
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    Bridget Stalked on the Trail

    In a town of that size there probably isn't any local law enforcement. However I suspect the local Fish and Game person probably knows who you are, it wouldn't hurt to have him check in on you from time to time. Same goes to the Local Sheriff. I wouldn't be surprised that you stalker just might...
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    Bridget’s Stalker Meets Her SAINT

    Just a question, do you have a Ham license? while you might be out of cell coverage, amateur radio can get out and help sometimes when nothing else can. There may come a day when it's more than just one impaired individual. Be safe, and keep getting instruction on how to defend yourself, infact...
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    How much spare ammo do you all carry?

    Since I'm recovering from back surgery I've had to resort to a XDs and a 9 round single stack in my off side. Normally my XD service model and one spare on strong side with Xd mod 2 on weak side to balance the load, and one extra 16 round magazine. I'm not a LEO but I've volunteered with the...