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  1. Mike Williamson

    7 Reasons Even Revolvers Can Fail

    Good information
  2. Mike Williamson

    Which do you prefer…..

    I have two all metal semi auto pistols. A Berretta M21 I bought for the wife, and a High Standard handed down to me from my Dad. I had a 1911 Colt Govt. I gifted my son in-law when he married my daughter (military air crew). Prefer my polymer pistols mainly as I practice most with them. Will...
  3. Mike Williamson

    Do you have a favorite handgun that you like better than the one you carry?

    My EDC is a G26. My favorite is a Thompson Contender.
  4. Mike Williamson

    6.5 creedmoor jams!

    1975 - 1980 I also own a scoped 1943 SA Garand which am pretty proud of. Used in a Def. Rifle Course and blew away a bunch of kids with AR's. 9 lb. rifle does get heavy at the end of the day. 200 rounds a day with E-clips makes for a tired thumb too. Studying the 6.8 TVCM round currently...
  5. Mike Williamson

    Happy Birthday America

    Happy Independence day from the Hillie & I
  6. Mike Williamson

    6.5 creedmoor jams!

    Would be interested in what you learn from SA as I almost went with the new 6.5 option. Reason I went with the platform was that I used an M-14 in the NAVY with iron sights and kind of missed it. Of course now using a scope I have noticed the PIA it can be for cleaning. But at least I don't have...
  7. Mike Williamson

    6.5 creedmoor jams!

    I have a SA M1A Loaded in .308 that I have been working into precision shooting. I was originally interested in the 6.5mm for that purpose, but could not pass up the deal from my LGS and instructor. Both of us ex military he convinced me. What you are describing is kind of conflicting. Barley...
  8. Mike Williamson

    Second Ruling Against California’s ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Offers Supreme Court A Chance To Fix Heller

    People have been waiting for this for a long time. Lets hope it sticks
  9. Mike Williamson

    Everyday is a holiday, every meal a banquet, every shipmate is your friend. Ref. 1975, Eugene...

    Everyday is a holiday, every meal a banquet, every shipmate is your friend. Ref. 1975, Eugene "Spooks" Merrill, COB, USS BONEFISH SS-582 🐬
  10. Mike Williamson

    75 Years Ago Today, the USS Indianapolis was sunk

    Which would be worse, eaten by shark, or skin literally burned off you by salt water after four days swimming in it? War is hell, thanks for the reminder.