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  1. krunchnik

    Short term impressions of the Sig P365 XL

    I also have the same thoughts- Very easily carried and shootable -
  2. krunchnik

    My new loading shop!

    I have used a Frankfurt Arsenal portable stand with a Lee 4 Hole Turret-a RCBS Uniflow Measure and a Lyman case trimmer attached- 10 years of using it this way and still going-
  3. krunchnik

    Urgent Action on H.R. 8

    Kinda scary that these politicians can take us for granted-nothing more vile than a crooked politician-
  4. krunchnik


    And adding my other carry pistol-part time anyways- I find for myself the dots just work-
  5. krunchnik


    I have a Holosun on my Sig P365X and had to admit after trying a red dot on a carry pistol I will not be looking back- Currently waiting for a Vortex Venom for my Kimber Super Carry Pro-
  6. krunchnik

    Picked up a P365 xl

    Another on board the Sig Train-best for accuracy for me with the RDS-best a person can get with aging eye's- Asked my wife after having shot with the RDS why it took me so long to switch from irons on a carry pistol-old fashioned I guess-
  7. krunchnik

    Springfield OEM 1911 Mags

    The lip on the front of the bumper pads can be a touch to high-making the magazine not want to seat all the way- I have most of my Wilson Mags outfitted with the steel or aluminum base pads-I have had to file the height of the lip down on a couple of them- Mostly they interfere with my RIA...
  8. krunchnik

    1911 extractor replacement

    Midwest Gunworks has them listed but are currently out of stock- I don't know why they will not sell you one at Springfield Armory-I purchased one from them a couple of years ago-maybe their sales have changed- https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/pi0905
  9. krunchnik

    LevAR Review: The Ultimate AR Malfunction Buster

    At $100.00 a pop it will be awhile before I need one-
  10. krunchnik

    EMP 3 (Fiber Optic) Front sight, has anyone found one that fits?

    Great that Springfield is going to get you set up with the right sight-
  11. krunchnik

    XD 40, can't remove rear sights

    My Dad has 2 XD's in 10mm-he replaced both rear sights with a RDS plate- He cut a groove crosswise into the sight until the pressure was relieved he then just pushed it out-
  12. krunchnik

    EMP 3 (Fiber Optic) Front sight, has anyone found one that fits?

    I think Harrison Design makes some sights for the EMP-I know that the sights from my EMP 3 and 4 in .40S&W are interchangeable-
  13. krunchnik

    Night Sights

    Advance Tactical .com has all the Armscor/RIA parts available-they do list night sights for the Rocks but are temporarily out of stock- I just ordered a set of adjustable for an STI Spartan-
  14. krunchnik

    1911 & Wilson Shok-Buff ?

    My son purchased a new STI Spartan IV back in 2014-first range trip was a bust-constant feed problems- He brought the pistol over and we broke it down to find a shock buff in the Commander length pistol- It is a 9mm-no one needs a buffer in a 9mm 1911- Removed buffer and next time he went to...
  15. krunchnik

    My first time firing a .45ACP Springfield 1911…thoughts and one issue

    I found that if when putting the slide stop back in-with the pistol cocked flip the safety up and install the stop part way just enough to get past the initial start-then flip the safety back down and finish the slide stop- The safety being in the safe position takes some spring tension off the...
  16. krunchnik

    Sold My Hellcat! Got A P365 XL Romeo Zero

    I found a plate for my Wife's G42 and mounted it on that-
  17. krunchnik

    1911 EMP CCC

    They are few and not many-I have 2 of them- both .40S&W and will never sell them- There are no doubt a few with my same thought's-I purchased one locally and the other from Palmetto State- The .40 Springfield quit making-but the 9mm's are still available-pricey but available-
  18. krunchnik

    Sold My Hellcat! Got A P365 XL Romeo Zero

    I also jumped on the Sig P365X as a daily carry-all my 1911's have put on weight-kinda like me-the older I get the heavier I become-must be a gravity thing- Holosun H507K X2-don't know how I could have missed the RMR train for so long-
  19. krunchnik

    Springfield 1911 drop safety with titanium firing pin

    It is indeed a series 70-I may be wrong but Springfield I think make's no 1911 that has a drop safety- I own 2 Springfield EMP's in .40 S&W and neither of these have a drop safety either-
  20. krunchnik

    Springfield 1911 drop safety with titanium firing pin

    There are an awful lot of 1911's that are the series 70 design-I can name at least 5 manufacturer's off the top of my head and I own around 4 or 5 models that are the 70 type- I have never heard of any discharges that were due to dropping them-not in my own circle anyways- Not that it never...