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  1. Susquash

    What firearm would you save.

    I guess I would have to grab two. Granddad's Colt .44-40 and his C.J. Bonehill double barrel 12 gauge both made in 1873. Everything else could be replaced.
  2. Susquash

    Ruger pc carbine 9 mm

    And she is a heck of a shot too. 😁 (Proud grampa? Yup!)
  3. Susquash

    Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Heathens !

    Hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
  4. Susquash

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
  5. Susquash

    Am i going to hear it now

    Yup hold on to that woman. I have have had mine like that for 48 years.
  6. Susquash

    Had a set of Pacmyrs on my S&W Model 49 for 40 years. I think you will find they work much...

    Had a set of Pacmyrs on my S&W Model 49 for 40 years. I think you will find they work much better than factory grips. Just had an action tune done on it by my gunsmith. Can not wait for my next range trip.
  7. Susquash

    Thanksgiving hunt selections

    I will be hunting Thanksgiving with 280 AI my son built for me on Mauser 98 action. Used it this last week to take a 10 point buck. One shot at 102 yards. Did not have to track it as it fell dead where it was shot. Have much bigger bucks on game cam and one buck tag left. Only problem will...
  8. Susquash

    So do I have a problem?

    Wife and daughter bought me an 80 gun safe two years ago for my birthday. My response was, "Thanks, does that mean I get to buy more?". 😉
  9. Susquash

    Help me pick

    Welcome to the forum Skippylou. What state are you in?
  10. Susquash

    Your go or most used powder?

    Handguns I use W231, W296 and Unique. Rifles I use 4350, 4831SC and 4895. Also have about a dozen other cans of powder I have tried. Always seem to go back to the six basic powders.
  11. Susquash

    Recognizing the Passing of Alan Mossberg

    RIP. You have a lot of good guns out there that will carry on your name.
  12. Susquash

    The Best Hearing Protection for 2021

    I have several pairs of hearing muffs. Bpuhjt a couple pairs of Caldwell electronic muffs but they did not seem to hold up well. The last two I purchased were Walker Game Ear and Walker Razor Replaced batteries with Eveready Lithium batteries which are 100% guaranteed not to leak. They seem...
  13. Susquash

    Thief Caught in the Act.

    I do not have trouble with thieves but have had problems with Tresspassers. Here is a pic of the culprit. I am afraid he will try breaking into my hunting blind. I will probably have to invoke the Castle Doctrine. and use lethal force if he tries to break in next week if I am in my blind.😉
  14. Susquash

    Hornady SST

    But your shoulder is thankful! 😉
  15. Susquash

    Hornady SST

    My hunting partner has used them for years He swears by them for putting game down quickly and for good. He uses them in 300 Weatherby Mag, 30-06 and 243 Win.
  16. Susquash

    ⚠️ PUBLIC WARNING ⚠️ Aggressive behavior and profanity will not be tolerated.

    While on the job, got called "Mother" so often, the next thing I knew, I was contacted by March of Dimes to be their neighberhood mother rep. 😁 (True story!)
  17. Susquash

    Anybody else collect bayonets?

    Have 3, 2 German both WWII and one from Moison Nagant. Russian WWII. As already stated they are getting a bit spendy now.
  18. Susquash

    Is there a difference between Glocks made in USA and Austria

    But they shoot accurately and dependably. 😁
  19. Susquash

    Fred Bear’s Ten Commandments of Hunting any Wild Game

    I know where you coming from My first bow was also a green Grizzly which I purchased in the late 60's. Now I have a dozen bows on the rack. Unfortunately due to recent illnesses I can only pull the lightest one on the rack now.
  20. Susquash

    I hope this is the right place...

    Thanks Wannabe. Looks like an interesting site