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  1. Ginge

    Picked up a new blaster.

    Been a while since I posted, but Im here. Just wanted to share with you guys a new blaster Ive been wanting for many years but the timing was never in my favor. Well the planets aligned and it was meant to be. The other day I walked into my local shop and was really impressed with what had...
  2. Ginge

    Possibly the best shirts I own...

    Ive never been so attached to a shirt before. 😍
  3. Ginge


    Well, I got the ol boomsticks out a few days ago and it rekindled my love affair with them. I know you guys got some, even if they’re in their factory configuration. Lets see them! Heres a few of mine. Here is my Mossberg 590 Shockwave. It has a mag cap spike from Black Aces. The furniture is...
  4. Ginge

    RailScales products

    In case you guys haven’t herd of this company, you should check them out. They mainly deal with an epic set of 1911 grips, and G10 rail panels for mlok and keymod attachments. I have a set on one of my rifles, but I decided to pick up a different pattern. They came today. I was originally...
  5. Ginge

    New MRO HD...

    Trijicon has a new model MRO out for 2020. Has a dot, circle and a dot or dot only reticle. Its also compatible with their new magnifier. https://www.trijicon.com/products/details/mro-c-2200057 Ill be getting one for sure at some point.
  6. Ginge


    Lately Ive been running Warne xskel qd mounts on a few guns, but today I decided to go in a different direction. I wasn’t able to find any real world feedback on these so Im taking a plunge. I bought the Eotech prs 2” cantilever today to complement the Vudu scope, (and to rob the Warne it sits...
  7. Ginge

    For the love of AK’s

    Perhaps one of the most prolific small arms the world has ever seen. One of my personal favorite weapons. Heres mine. Top is an SGL31-62 in plum Middle is a Vepr 5.45 Bottom is a Saiga 223 that I converted to an AK 101 Arsenal SAM7SF84 with Bulgarian furniture and FH in the form of a Bulgarian...
  8. Ginge

    Lets see your AR setups...

    Title says it. Lets see see those most hated rifles in America! 🥰 Colt CM762 w/ Eotech Vudu