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  1. ddeuce22

    Romeo 1 Pro - X5 Legion - Mounting plate screws

    Managed to pick one up for $310 out the door. Only problem is I can't get the goddamn screws on the underside of the slide out to remove the adjustable rear sight. It's in there REAL tight, probably with some threadlocker too. Any tips or is there a tool i'm missing here to make life easier...
  2. ddeuce22

    Let the waiting begin!

    Finally broke down and shelled out the cash. Bought my first suppressor. After much consideration I decided to get one for the AR. I'll deal with a .30 cal one later on down the road. Ended up getting a Griffin Armament Recce 5 Mod 4. Read an overwhelming amount of good reviews and information...
  3. ddeuce22

    I done did it.....

    Went to a gun show in Bastrop today..... Let's just say there was some spouse bribery to lessen the wrath when I got home. Got a deal on it and couldn't say no. While it's not the walnut stock I wanted, it's the 18" Scout model I wanted for sure.
  4. ddeuce22

    Body Armor / Plate Carriers - Do you own it?

    There is a pretty insane sale going on right now, if you can find a pal to go half with you, or hell if you want two full sets: https://www.ar500armor.com/testudo-bogo.html I've been kicking the idea around with a guy at work to go half on it with me, i'm just kind of thinking maybe it's going...
  5. ddeuce22

    Scratch one off the short list.

    I might have mentioned previously that I placed an order for one of these back in February. Well I got the call this morning while I was in the middle of talking to my boss. Saw it was GT Distributors and was like hold on Bob, I need to take this, it's important. Got the news I wanted to hear...
  6. ddeuce22

    Just got my first shotgun

    Lots of gun discussions on these forums but I rarely see any mention of, or pictures of shotguns. I've shot trap a handful of times and have been wanting to shoot more trap/skeet so I finally picked up my first shotgun. Mossberg 500 American Field 12 GA 28". She's a beaut. Can't sneak it in...
  7. ddeuce22

    Olight having a pretty good flash sale.

    https://www.olightstore.com/ Picked me up an Odin Mini for the 5.56, and an M2R for carry, plus the 2 bonus flashlights that came in each bundle. Perfect for the glovebox/center console in the car, and one for my G/F. Also Got a mini keychain flashlight, and one of those Cool mount it anywhere...
  8. ddeuce22

    4 weeks too late!!!

    I almost broke. Couldn't bring myself to buy it, too many other things on the short list.
  9. ddeuce22

    P226 Legion

    Found one on the shelf in of all stores... Field & Stream (aka Dick's). I won't support them for the anti gun rhetoric they support so no chance I was buying it from there. But holy **** what a nice gun. Never had the chance to hold one before. And now it's on the mind haha. Goddamnit.
  10. ddeuce22

    Holster for Ronin??

    Struggling mightily with finding a holster I like. I know a few of you guys have a Ronin, and im sure a million other types of full size 1911's. So, do you carry it? and if so, what do you use? I'd like something in quality leather preferably OWB, but am definitely open to suggestions.
  11. ddeuce22

    .45 ACP +P safe to shoot in Ronin?

    Been on the hunt for some defensive rounds for the new 1911. I seem to come across alot of Hornady Critical Duty +P 220gr, or other +P loads. I can't find it explicitly in writing anywhere in the manual if the Ronin is rated for +P loads or not. Anyone know from experience or otherwise if +P...
  12. ddeuce22

    Finally found my Ronin!!

    Despite the issues i've been having with my .308, I still pressed on in my search for a Ronin for my first 1911, Something about the aesthetics and feel just really piqued my interest and this was the one I just had to have. Couldn't believe it when I found it at the same place I found my .308...
  13. ddeuce22

    And yet another issue with my .308 - I'm getting beyond fed up

    Another trip to the range and after 10 rounds the BCG seized inside the chamber, I can't pull the charging handle back at all. I've babied this rifle from the day I got it and all it's given me is problems. So frustrated with it.
  14. ddeuce22

    Suppressor Freedom and CC in TX? Crazytowns

    Never thought it would happen. Abbott already said he'd sign the CC bill if it made it to his desk. I'm sure he'll sign the suppressor bill too. Not a done deal officially but its so damn close.
  15. ddeuce22

    Winchester Active Duty MHS 9mm

    Has anyone shot this ammo from their 9mm before? I've made friends with some of the guys at the gun bar at one of my local Academy stores and they are always offering me ammo that was stashed away by employees for them to purchase once they get off shift, but often they forget about so it builds...
  16. ddeuce22

    Gun Safes

    I've been putting this off for awhile now, but me and my g/f closed on a house yesterday so now that I 1. Have the space, and 2. Will have people coming from all over to visit us since we can put them up, Have the need for one. I do not have nearly as many firearms as alot of you guys here...
  17. ddeuce22

    Jamming/Ejection issues / Firing Pin Retaining Pin installed improperly?

    Hey guys, So I had the .308 out at the range today and after about 15 rounds it started having jamming issues. First the spent casing didn't eject. It took a good amount of force to pull the charging handle back and get it to eject, but it did. The next round chambered, but did not fire. Again...
  18. ddeuce22

    Good Optics/Grip for Saint Victor .308??

    Hey guys, looking for some input here. I'm not totally without experience handling firearms, but I recently moved to Texas (From NYC) so i'm now enjoying the freedom I so longed for, and I consider myself pretty novice to all of this still. I recently purchased my first rifle, the Saint Victor...