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  1. ifithitu

    Ithaca Auto and Burglar Shotgun

    Wow that's awesome.(y):cool:
  2. ifithitu

    Finally found a 10mm

    Wow you lucky ,I can't find one here in Louisville,KY. anywhere. Congrats on yours. (y) (y)
  3. ifithitu

    Acquired another 9mm

    Nick pick up congratulations. (y) :cool:
  4. ifithitu

    Ruger Set to Bring Back Marlin Lever-Action Rifles

    I am waiting to see what they bring back.
  5. ifithitu

    Heads-Up Comparison: P365 vs. Hellcat vs. MAX-9 vs. M&P9 Shield Plus

    Nice video thanks for sharing it.(y)(y)(y)(y):cool:
  6. ifithitu

    m&p m2.0

    I have the S&W M&P .40 Shield but not the 2.0.
  7. ifithitu

    Hellcat Torture Test: 10K Rounds of 9mm +P

    Learn something new here everyday i didn't know Hellcat come in +p.
  8. ifithitu

    Show off your GLOCK

    My two Glock' G Gen.4, 29 & G Gen.4, 40 MOS 10 mm
  9. ifithitu

    Kentucky Derby!

    I am picking the horse " Keepmeinmind" to win the Kentucky Derby. What horse is your choice to win the Kentucky Derby?
  10. ifithitu

    Summer EDC - Tell me what gun I'm describing.

    I say S&W M&P BG 380 or G 42 380.(y)
  11. ifithitu

    First time 1911 owner

    Wow you found a 1911 Ronin,wish I had your luck here in Derby City KY.
  12. ifithitu

    I am seriously thinking about a body cam

    Sounds like something to look into,but some people want you not to believe what you are looking at in these times on phone cameras.
  13. ifithitu

    Rear Site is way off center.

    I will take it to the range first. Thanks!
  14. ifithitu

    First Look: XD-M Elite 3.8” Compact OSP

    I would love to own one someday.Right now I want the XDM 10mm.
  15. ifithitu

    Rear Site is way off center.

    Thank you for the info.,xdman!(y)
  16. ifithitu

    Rear Site is way off center.

    I don't know how this happen,I haven fired this S&W 40VE in a few years I never notice the rear site being this far of center.Here is a couple of picture of the pistol. You may have to enlarge the picture to really see how far the rear site is off center.
  17. ifithitu

    Welcome Message

    Hello from KY.:)
  18. ifithitu

    Is The Revolver Dead? Is That a Trick Question?

    I don't speak for anyone but I,I haven't buried any of my revolvers. Here's a few of mine.
  19. ifithitu

    Sunday gunday

    Beautiful pair for sure(y)
  20. ifithitu

    XDM .45

    It is hard to find a XDM of any caliber here in my home city.