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    I have actually been back on there for a few days through the web. :)
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    Gun Range Customers Defend Officer: Did You See This?

    I am local and heard about this shortly after it happened. A couple of the guys that did the shooting were actually part of the range staff after they escorted him out of the building and were waiting for the police to show up. The guy walked into a classroom while the class was on break. The...
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    😂😏Jokes 2.0🧐🤣

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    Looks like they may have moved to Epik.com
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    This is going to be bad....
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    😂😏Jokes 2.0🧐🤣

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    The One Year Mark!

    Wow! A year already?
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    Video: How To Manage Recoil

    Another good one! I think I need to unsubscribe to some emails since they all make it here. LOL
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    Swampfox Metal Shields (Shrouds)

    The Swampfox armor is specific to the sight. They just released one for my Liberty, I have been thinking about picking one up.
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    Polymer 80 Raided!!!

    Well, I have my frame. I better buy the rest of the stuff soon.
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    Red Dot

    I run a Swampfox Liberty. https://www.swampfoxoptics.com/liberty-justice
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    Plans to keep yourself busy for shutdown v.2

    I still will get to go to work, I have been deemed an essential worker since I support the treatment plant for the water company. For some reason, everyone goes out and buys bottled water and still want more water.
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    How many Glock's in your firearms collection,what are they?

    On certain other sites, he is known as gman. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :rolleyes:
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    Top 10 Guns & Gear Holiday Gift Guide

    I guess if my wife or boys bought me something for a gun that I don't have, I would be obligated to go out and buy that gun. Not that I own any...
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    Trijicon RMRcc Review: Best Non-OSP Red Dot Sight?

    Looks like a nice option, though it would be nice to be able to find another slide that is already cut.
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    18 Inch AR’s: The Barrel Length that God Forgot

    I don't know why I thought it was 18". Of course, I haven't handled an M16 in quite a few years.
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    18 Inch AR’s: The Barrel Length that God Forgot

    I remember when 18" was the norm and the shorter barrel was more specialized.
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    M60 Going Strong

    The very reason we use to have training barrels and real-world barrels.
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    Thanksgiving wish for all......

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!