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  1. uspatriot1960

    New purchase

    Well, I decided to take the chance on buying a used gun on gunbroker.com. The gun just came in today and I think I made out pretty well. Smith & Wesson model 360 in .357. The gun in real nice. It actually looks in better condition in real life than it did in the pictures. Actually looks brand...
  2. uspatriot1960

    Holster question

    I’m getting a S&W Model 360 in .357. Does anyone know what holsters are compatible with that? Since this model is basically discontinued, having a bit of a hard time finding something specific for it. Will a holster for any J Frame with 2” barrel work? Should I look for something that fits the...
  3. uspatriot1960

    Store exclusive guns

    In searching for a particular firearm, I’ve run across a “store exclusive” gun. Same model as the one I’m looking for, but different color scheme. So my question is, are “store exclusive” guns up to the same standards as the manufacturer’s regular production guns? This gun is a S&W model.
  4. uspatriot1960

    AR pistols

    So, with Biden Administration appearing to come after AR pistols with the possibility of having them be reclassified as SBRs, I have a question. If I have one lower and then a 5.56 upper and a .300 BLK upper, how is that dealt with? One tax stamp for the lower serial # or would two be required...
  5. uspatriot1960

    Bump stocks

    Some good news. At least a good start... https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/mar/25/bump-stocks-not-machine-guns-and-not-subject-atf-b/
  6. uspatriot1960

    One piece vs. two piece diverter

    So, I'm killing time looking at different SA AR pistols. I have the Victor pistol in 556. It has the one piece blast diverter on it. I check out the Victor pistol in .308 and it has a new 2 piece diverter on it. Is there any advantage to a 2 piece blast diverter over the 1 piece blast diverter...
  7. uspatriot1960

    Pistol cant question

    I have a question which I could probably figure out on my own, but it would take shooting a lot of rounds which are scarce nowadays, as you all know. Not sure if it's my body make up or old joints, but when I bring my pistol up to shoot and line up sights or see the red dot in this case, it is...
  8. uspatriot1960

    Rush Limbaugh has died

    What a sad day. Rush was a true icon and patriot. A stalwart conservative. I've been listening to him for decades. America is going to miss him dearly... 🇺🇲 🇺🇲 :cry::cry:
  9. uspatriot1960

    Shield now offering glass lens

    as a direct purchase as opposed to an option. Lots of decisions to consider now regarding my Hellcat. Polymer body with polymer lens, Polymer body with glass lens, aluminum body with polymer lens or aluminum body with glass lens. The difference between the SMSC with glass lens and RMSC with...
  10. uspatriot1960

    Kind of a weird question

    Not sure where to put this, but decided this section is as good as any. So, I have a tactical looking backpack that I often carry my Saint Victor Pistol with tactical folder in. I’m going to be flying to Mexico next week for my son’s wedding and want to use this backpack as a carry on. What I...
  11. uspatriot1960

    Zeroing 7.5” AR15 pistol

    I’m pretty familiar with the concept of sighting in a rifle and the rise and fall of the trajectory. But wondering what you guys who own an AR pistol use as a zero with your RDS? From internet searches, it seems the common thought is to zero at 50 yards. But from what I’ve read, at a 50 yard...