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  1. javbike

    Woke Awakening

    You know tidalwave if you never been in Oakland before I grow here in the 70 Oakland is got some great areas really top notch foodie area some of the best chefs around you know what areas to stay out of but all in all its a beautiful place weather is perfect year around but when they started...
  2. javbike

    Armory Life

    Same here maybe I got 2 issues now it stops
  3. javbike

    Woke Awakening

    We live maybe 15 miles away from Oakland . We use to go in once a month at least for lunch and shopping ever since all this defunding 💩 we stop doing that
  4. javbike

    My new loading shop!

    Way to go JJ very smart
  5. javbike

    One Dangerous A Hole

    That’s called straight up the old bone hole ha ha
  6. javbike

    I Chose Something Else

    Love the all black nice keystone
  7. javbike

    Fake Bullets

    That’s off the wall alright i didn’t realize it’s got it’s own company to supply all this the painted all black idea is good to identify the dummy round that’s fun read bobm
  8. javbike

    Remember Pearl Harbor

    I lived in Hawaii for 10 years or so not once did I go on the Pearl Harbor tour . When I was living on the mainland I did have the honor of visiting this great monument boy you can few that intense of this place never forget
  9. javbike

    Recall Notice: Herter's 9mm Luger 115-Grain FMJ

    Just check all my boxes of herters 9 mm I am all good 👍
  10. javbike

    4x4 Preference

    I love my 1990 Ford Bronco
  11. javbike

    What firearm would you save.

    Well that’s a tough question I think probably my Henry if not him maybe my 1911 mil spec I don’t know hard choice
  12. javbike

    I Hate It When This Happens

    Love the all black look
  13. javbike

    Potent Potables (aka What’s your poison?)

    Looks very delicious
  14. javbike

    The Irony

    nothing against you JJ I just felt the same way anni felt he fake like he was in a movie he is an actor nothing against him but he flat out lied
  15. javbike

    Ruger pc carbine 9 mm

    Good for you buddy
  16. javbike

    The Irony

    I watched that interview he pulled that damn trigger I think he is flat out lying 🤥
  17. javbike

    Review: The Ronin EMP

    Love to have one I am in the market for a 9mm but don’t know if it comes Cali ok
  18. javbike


    I wish him well he has done nothing wrong in my books
  19. javbike

    My new loading shop!

    Great job JJ that’s using the old noggin!!
  20. javbike

    A Dream Job

    I always thought being a mate on a cruise ship sailing around the world be a great job