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    Review: Rock Island Armory 10mm 1911 FS Pistol

    I have one. Go get that when you can.
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    TAL Interviews: THE GREAT ONE, Rob Leatham

    The Old Man cleans up, nicely. :) I can say, "Old Man" because I'm older than Rob by several years. ;)
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    Springfield Armory 1911 Defend your Legacy Mil-Spec

    Only a bit. You had much more restraint than I would have shown.
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    Saint Victor PDW - Fact or fiction ?

    I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of a Saint Victor PDW, only the Edge. Talk about learning something new every day. 😊
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    Can You Run Your Rifle with One Hand?

    Excellent video, and an innovative way to simulate an injury.
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    Xdm elite compact 3.8 9mm

    I found mine on Gunbroker.com back in October. Perhaps you could find one there?
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    Springfield XD 4” Service Model 9mm Review

    No, it isn’t. The XD and XDM lines have their own specific frames and slides. They can can be changed within their own lines, but they can cross into each other’s line.
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    DST - Keep It, Or Lose It?

    Having lived for a year in DST back in the 1970's, I prefer standard time, instead.
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    Three of a Kind: Springfield’s Deep-Cover 9mms

    Or the fourth gun.
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    Surviving the Knockout Game

    First of all, well done. One of my NYC stories happen not too long after 9/11. I was on the A train from what is lovingly call "Up State Manhattan down to the West Village. It becomes an express line after a certain stop, so I decided to "rest my eyes." At Columbus Circle, I opened my eyes...
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    Springfield XD-S vs. XD-S Mod.2: Overview of the Updates

    I remember one article about the XDe. One. There are several on YouTube.
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    Springfield XD-S vs. XD-S Mod.2: Overview of the Updates

    I dislike the Mod 2 version for two reasons: 1. No interchangeable back strap. 2. The grip texture feels slippery in my hand. I also prefer my 4 inch model to the 3.3 inch version. And I have no problems securing the grip safety when shooting the gun.
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    Why Your .300 BLK Won’t Work…

    Hm. That article read like an ad for Magpul to me.
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    When Your Gun Can’t Beat a Knife

    Speaking from my experience: I once had to place myself between the day camp kids I was in charge of, who were being shuffled away from the scene by fellow camp counselors, and a crazy person wielding a butcher’s knife. The only things I had with me were my then-six years of martial arts...
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    When Your Gun Can’t Beat a Knife

    Those who are skilled in using both guns and knives, as well as a deep enough understanding of self defense and street survival are much better prepared than those who don’t, in my opinion.
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    Why You Should Avoid Handloads for Concealed Carry

    That sounds like either the Empire State Building incident or the Times Square one.
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    Why You Should Avoid Handloads for Concealed Carry

    I know of two such incidents in NYC that were reported by NY1 some years ago. One near the Empire State Building (there was video) and one in the Broadway district in which the attacker shot by the police was known by a friend on mine. In both incidents, bystanders were shot. Come to think of...
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    The Anywhere Defense: Impact Weapon Tactics

    Lest we forget, both ends of some impact weapons make great thrusting weapons to certain parts of the body.
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    Springfield Armory XD-M 10mm

    Frankly, I prefer the 3.8 9mm, then the 5.25 in both 9mm and 10mm. In reference to your question, I prefer the 5.25 10 mm slightly over the 4.5 for shooting the super- hot loads like the Buffalo Bore 220 gr. But I prefer the 4.5 10mm for concealed carry over the 5.25 10mm. Yes, I carried each to...
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    Springfield Armory XD-M 10mm

    So I went to my LGS looking for 9mm , 10mm, and/or 300BLK ammo, yesterday. They still didn’t have any. But they did have an XDM 10 4.5 on display. Yes, it followed me home. 😃😃😃 Yes, I now have both the 5.25 and the 4.5. I rationed out some of the 10mm ammo I have and took it to the range, today.