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    Very interesting 1911 article

    I've been wanting a shorter barreled 1911, but I've been concerned with the loss of accuracy. This article compares a highly customized 5" colt to a 3.5" RIA. The short barreled cheaper pistol really held its own...
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    A great article on cleaning your handgun for new gun owners

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    Great article on how to help a LEO in need of assistance.

    Greg Ellifritz is a police officer who writes great articles. Here's a link to one that may come in handy in these days of craziness. https://www.activeresponsetraining.net/how-to-help-a-cop-during-a-life-threatening-struggle?fbclid=IwAR3ujvo8lfIs8hWJzFrdcAOXNzpOtg49Pu0Z2A_DAsOWrCe4faFNenQ0NTk
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    Price gouging!

    I've been checking several ammunition sellers and can't believe what I'm seeing. Just 2 weeks ago I was paying 12.99-13.25 a box of 45 acp Sellier and Bellot. Today the same box is 21.99! That's a $9 a fifty, $18 a hundred increase. I could see a 10, maybe even a 15-20% increase, but over 70%...