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  1. Bear007

    HellCat RDP Leather Holster

    Anyone know of an OWB leather holster with a retention strap over the top? Tough to find for the Hellcat RDP.
  2. Bear007

    H2 Buffers "out of stock"

    Anyone know who does have any H2 buffers in stock? I never mess with guns too much when I buy them but I was thinking of testing out an H2 buffer in my SA .308 Saint Victor. Hard to test if I can't find one anywhere. Though its an AR-10, its buffer is the exact same size as the buffer in my...
  3. Bear007

    Dumb Dumb!

    Well I just did a dumb thing. I was out shooting my .308 bolt action and SA AR-10, trying to stop wobbling. Well I still wobble more than I like and now I need a new range bag. Someone took the blocks that were there so ... I grabbed my range bag so I could just practice breathing out and...
  4. Bear007

    SA Victor .308 low pressure gas block adjustment

    My new SA Victor .308 shoots .308 win cartridges absolutely fine. Most shells eject out at 3-4:30 o'clock while some are slightly over pressure ejecting out at 2 o'clock. THE PROBLEM is I have a pile of ZSR 7.62 that will shoot but has very low pressure ejecting cartridges out at 5-5:30...