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  1. Texas Matador

    Essential medical skills

    I recently participated in a tactical rifle course and the instructor made a comment that got me thinking. During his introduction, he was laying down the safety rules for the course and said that if anyone gets injured to make sure and let him know immediately as he has a med pack on him and he...
  2. Texas Matador

    Gun shops empty and rationing ammo

    This past weekend was the first time I've ever gone to a gun store/range and left feeling really bummed out. My local shop is nice, really nice. It's big and you walk in and usually experience sensory overload due to all of the inventory they have on hand. When I walked in this past weekend...
  3. Texas Matador

    Banning FMJ at a rifle range?!?

    I've been interested in expanding my range with my M1A. As such, I've been looking around for a new rifle range supporting out to at least 600 yards (stretch goal). Obviously, this means an outdoor range. I was pleased to discover many possibilities in my area until I learned that many of...
  4. Texas Matador

    Dedicated gun safe...biometric or code?

    Hey everyone. Currently, I have a bed side biometric dedicated handgun safe. My thinking at the time was that I wouldn't have to worry about somehow forgetting the code during a high stress situation. What I've learned is that the biometrics are pretty flakey...sometimes it works and...