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  1. GeorgiaGal

    Stay Strapped Baby Yoda.

    I had to buy it: https://americanspartanapparel.com/product/tactical-baby-yoda/ Thought it was funny and some of you might like this.
  2. GeorgiaGal

    Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Shooting Enthusiast

    I really liked this article on what to get shooters for Valentines Day. https://www.gunsandammo.com/editorial/valentines-day-gift-guide-shooting-enthusiast/372145
  3. GeorgiaGal

    Social Gun Community

    Who are some people in the gun community you follow on social (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc)? I really enjoy Crispy11b, thewildyolo,qvo tactical, gundmc_ to name a few.
  4. GeorgiaGal

    Baby Yoda Holster

    I've seen quite a few of these custom holsters. The Child train is not slowing down. :LOL: Anyone here have any crazy custom holsters?
  5. GeorgiaGal

    Purse Carry

    Any females on here purse carry? If so what are some of your favorites?
  6. GeorgiaGal

    What can you tell me about Muzzle Brakes?

    I heard that they make your rifle loud, is that true?
  7. GeorgiaGal

    Ammo Deals

    Anyone find good deals on 9mm ammo?