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  1. K.B.

    Anyone Here Had To Use A Gun In Self Defense?

    I'm curious to know about what happens after. Was it a fatal shot? Did they live to sue you for everything you have? Do you feel like you did the right and only thing you could have? Remorse? Indifferent? Here in Utah, I carry open and concealed. I believe I'm practiced and prepared to use my...
  2. K.B.

    Bone To Pick...

    What the hell is up with the soft case that comes with the Hellcat!? What's the Velcro for? To scratch up my new EDC? The clear plastic square opposite the Velcro. WHAT IS IT SUPPOSED TO BE? And no outside pocket on it? C'mon, man!!! 
  3. K.B.

    How do you fellow enthusiasts choose a firearm?

    I don't own many guns. Curious about what the individual deciding factors are when you make the purchase. Features? Fit & feel? YouTube reviews? Love at first sight? Needed the caliber?