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  1. youngolddude

    Shield Plus just went up $70

    I've been looking at the Shield Plus for a while now and was hoping for a nice sale. Instead, the price went up $70 at the nearest big box sporting goods store. :cry:
  2. youngolddude

    What mini reflex with a Shield footprint?

    Price range up to $250 +/-. Prefer shake on. I've done a lot of reading and it doesn't inspire confidence. I'm not spending $500 for one, for that much I'd put it towards another gun. This would be for my Max 9. Reliable, warranty, easy to see...... I'm old school, so I can wait until...
  3. youngolddude

    2022 Resolution

    I never make resolutions because I feel bad when I break them. This next year will be different. No more impromptu purchases until I find my bucket list gun. Honest! I swear!
  4. youngolddude

    OK, you bought what you wanted, is it as good or better than you thought?

    We've apparently had some disappointments, but how about success stories? When the first S&W Shield came out, I wanted it bad. I went in the store one day that they just got their shipment in. 15 or so people were milling around when I came in, bought it and walked out in about 10 minutes...
  5. youngolddude

    If you bought the gun you wanted, why are you now disappointed?

    I guess I have to experience a little bit of everything to truly learn some of life's lessons. Here are some of the reasons why I was disappointed in gun purchases: painful grip texture warranty issues trigger pull sale price just after purchase Are there other reasons the shine was lost on...
  6. youngolddude

    I would like to see a subcompact comparison

    Everyone knows the subcompact gun segment is hot. Wouldn't it be useful and/or interesting to see a comparison of the top subcompact models? Years ago I enjoyed a comparison by Guns and Ammo (?). They had multiple guns that were briefly reviewed and shot by multiple testers. At the end, they...
  7. youngolddude

    Do sales influence your buying habits?

    I'm not a gonna a buy a gun just because it's on sale, but I have purchased several that were on sale. :oops: Some guns get on my radar, so when I see a nice price with or without extras, there's a high probability it's gonna follow me home. My 1911 and 629 were at MSRP, but the rest were on...
  8. youngolddude

    Based on past production, how long does it take for new model to widely hit the market?

    Just curious as to the time it takes a new model to be readily found in stores. 4 months? 6 months? A year? I'm not sure how Springfield currently manufactures their products. Do they do continual runs of each model? Do they run x number, then change over to another? Inquiring minds would like...
  9. youngolddude

    Could SA develop a short barreled Hi Power next?

    I like the new SA-35 and want one bad. While waiting, I'm wondering if they could develop a shorter barreled Hi Power. A 1911 was first developed as a 5 inch model and then a commander, so why not a "commander" Hi Power? Examine pictures of the new model. Can you imagine one about an inch...
  10. youngolddude

    Home address or public location when selling a gun?

    I need to sell a gun or two to finance my next one. So you invite strangers to your home to do this or do you go to a public area for safety reasons?