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  1. 223kid

    How many reaction score points do you have to have to win a Hellcat?

    How many reaction points required to win a Hellcat
  2. 223kid

    Pennsylvania Judge rules on 80% lowers

  3. 223kid

    gun transfers between family members who live out of your state

    I have purchased a derringer from a family member who lives out of state. I could not transfer it there because I am not a resident of that state. From reading the ATF rules this is a no no, which we were both unaware of. I brought the gun home with me. now what. My local gun shop said I could...
  4. 223kid

    gun building

    Just finished my first AR build. Starting with an 80% lower receiver that I had to mill and drill. Anybody else attempt this yet? Attempted to post a picture but it said my file was too large