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  1. APPilot

    Disappeared thread

    Has anyone noticed that the thread about who’s funding the riots disappeared? Interesting don’t you think?
  2. APPilot

    XDE 4.5in cross draw holster?

    XDE 4.5in cross draw holster? Anyone know of one of these? Hoping to find one for driving. thanks!
  3. APPilot

    Best light for XD Mod 2 9mm service

    Folks, Pulled the trigger(🤣) on the XD Mod 2 9mm service. Going to be my home defense piece and want a light. Any recommendations? Never put a light on a gun before and would rather not use duct tape. Thanks y’all!
  4. APPilot

    XDe extended magazines

    Is anyone aware of extended mags for the XDe 9mm? Love the gun, but would like to have a bit more ammo😁 thanks!
  5. APPilot

    XDE 9mm 4.5 inch review

    Folks, I wanted to give my opinion/review of my new 4.5 inch XDE. Let me start by saying it’s just my opinion. I am NOT an expert, I just like to shoot, carry, defend my family. So, if I say something you find is not safe, or not ordinary, please let me know. I am still learning and would...
  6. APPilot

    XD mod 2?

    Not on the new website. Are they discontinued?
  7. APPilot

    You know your in trouble when......

    The only available 9mm is at Cabelas! And you can’t get TP from Amazon! Sheesh! 🤪
  8. APPilot

    XDE 4.5 purchase

    I gotta stop reading this forum. just ordered another Springfield product. XDE 4.5 9mm. 🤦‍♂️ I’m not even married and I can hear my wife roll her eyes. anyone have a suggestion for a holster? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. APPilot

    XD and XDS mod 2 Ammo question

    Folks, just saw this advertised super cheap and was wondering if the XD and the XDS mod 2 are able to handle the pressure of +P+ Ammo. Is there a source from the manufacturer that says these Ammo types are ok for use in...... advise? 9mm - +P+ 115 Grain JHP - Federal Hi-Shok LE - 1000 Rounds
  10. APPilot

    Best night sights XDS mod 2 9mm

    Went to the range today, I’ve got the factory sights. The dark back u post. Having a hard time finding the sights. Any recommendations for high vis night sights for the XDS Mod2? thanks Y’all!
  11. APPilot

    New XDM?

    So, what the deal with the new XDM? With flailed mag well and flat trigger? There are some pictures floating around.....