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  1. GeorgiaGal

    Stay Strapped Baby Yoda.

    I had to buy it: https://americanspartanapparel.com/product/tactical-baby-yoda/ Thought it was funny and some of you might like this.
  2. GeorgiaGal

    Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Shooting Enthusiast

    I really liked this article on what to get shooters for Valentines Day. https://www.gunsandammo.com/editorial/valentines-day-gift-guide-shooting-enthusiast/372145
  3. GeorgiaGal

    Bringing Shot Show Home Giveaway!

    PDW or the Evac!
  4. GeorgiaGal

    CCW for threats with more than two legs?

    Not the pit bull, it's the owner. That could have happened with any breed but go on and continue to show your incompetence.
  5. GeorgiaGal

    CCW for threats with more than two legs?

    Seeing a lot of mentions of Pit Bulls, it could be any dog. I've had a husky try to bite me and my pits never have. Chihuahuas are actually more agressive: https://www.panterlaw.com/2016/10/26/study-finds-pit-bulls-less-aggressive-chihuahuas/
  6. GeorgiaGal

    CCW for threats with more than two legs?

    What is wrong with Pit Bulls?
  7. GeorgiaGal

    CCW for threats with more than two legs?

    What is the problem with a Pit Bull?
  8. GeorgiaGal

    Funniest movie you've ever seen?

    It is so bad but so funny because of that!
  9. GeorgiaGal

    SHOT Show 2020 Round-Up

    Sweet! looking forward to the new Ronin!
  10. GeorgiaGal

    Funniest movie you've ever seen?

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles always makes me laugh. I also like Grind, Zombeavers, Bridesmaids, Caddyshack and Office Space.
  11. GeorgiaGal

    Coolest gun moment in a movie

    I love Pulp Fiction and the famous photo/scene that goes with it...
  12. GeorgiaGal

    Do you carry while camping?

  13. GeorgiaGal

    Your avatar story?

    Well...I'm from Georgia (famous for peaches) and I'm a female so here we are. I wish there was more to my story. lol
  14. GeorgiaGal

    Social Gun Community

    Who are some people in the gun community you follow on social (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc)? I really enjoy Crispy11b, thewildyolo,qvo tactical, gundmc_ to name a few.
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  16. GeorgiaGal

    What other outdoor activities do you do

    I like to fish and bike.
  17. GeorgiaGal

    GunMag Warehouse's take on SA Edge PDW

    I had just found this article and was going to share, looks pretty good!
  18. GeorgiaGal

    Any PC gamers.....

    I played the Sims a lot when I was younger, I still have it but my time to play is limited.
  19. GeorgiaGal

    CCW for threats with more than two legs?

    Maybe, it depends where you are going? I can't imagine a rabid dog coming at me! I guess I have mine updated on shots but not everyone does and they can't prevent everything I suppose. I know Cujo would have gone a lot differently had they had a gun.
  20. GeorgiaGal

    Baby Yoda Holster

    I've seen quite a few of these custom holsters. The Child train is not slowing down. :LOL: Anyone here have any crazy custom holsters?