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  1. Flyboy514

    Springfield XD Tactical .40 Review

    The XD40 Tactical was my initial choice, when I was in the market for a new handgun, a few years ago just when the run on ammo was beginning to make things scarce. Because of the lack of availability and rising cost of the .40 ammo, I settled for the XD9 Tactical. No regrets for sure, but I'd...
  2. Flyboy514

    Is Everything You Know About .40 Wrong?

    If you have the 9mm in one hand & the .45 in the other, it balances out to the .40
  3. Flyboy514

    Is Everything You Know About .40 Wrong?

    As Dan mentioned, I got an XD-9 back when the ammo was plentiful & cheaper than the .40 I was ready to "pull the trigger" (pun intended) and buy an XD-40, but opted for the 9mm b/c of the ammo situation. Also... I'd sure like to get ammo at the price Dan mentioned in the video! I haven't seen...
  4. Flyboy514

    Project Pinball: Worst Idea of World War II?

    Once I was flying a Cessna 172 over the Pine Barrens of South Jersey when TWO A-10's from the Air Natl. Guard base in Atlantic City, "buzzed" me... scared the bejesuz out of me!
  5. Flyboy514

    Project Pinball: Worst Idea of World War II?

    The FAA ruled the cause of the crash was a "catastrophic engine failure" perhaps cause by the initial failure of the Turbo-Charger. The engine seized and evidence of metal in the T-C may have caused it. The pilot drowned because he did not jettison the canopy, prior to hitting the water...
  6. Flyboy514

    Project Pinball: Worst Idea of World War II?

    My "bucketlist" of aircraft to fly: 5. B-1 Stealth Bomber 4. F-35 Stealth Fighter 3. P-47 Thunderbolt 2. A-10 Warthog 1. P-51 Mustang
  7. Flyboy514

    Project Pinball: Worst Idea of World War II?

    Here's my preferred weapon of choice...
  8. Flyboy514

    Project Pinball: Worst Idea of World War II?

    I'll take a pass on flying against friendly fire... but I'd sure have fun taking a P-63 for a spin around the airfield!
  9. Flyboy514

    Review: Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 3.8" Compact OSP .45 ACP

    Would someone send this video to my wife? Christmas is just around the corner and I can't send it to her without her getting suspicious of my motives... In other words, I WANT ONE!
  10. Flyboy514

    Review: The Ronin EMP

    Does any gun come "Cali ok"? Same as here in NJ... of course here there's no such thing as CCW (unless you're a LEO)
  11. Flyboy514

    Ultimate Carry 9mm? XD-S Mod.2 OSP 4” 9mm

    Don't need the Optics on my XD-9... she performs flawlessly AND is accurate as all get! (and I know it's NOT the operator!)
  12. Flyboy514

    General Quarters: U.S. Navy M14 Rifles

    I remember using the M14 (and 12 GA. Shotguns) for "target practice" off the stern, when they "deployed" our trash... Good times sailing on those Old Tin Cans!
  13. Flyboy514

    The Armory Life Interviews: Carol Reese, Matriarch of Springfield Armory

    Great history behind the story of SA... love to be able to tour the new facility if its' ever possible!
  14. Flyboy514

    Review: Surefire Ryder 9-Ti2 Suppressor

    Another accessory that's ILLEGAL in the Socialist State of NJ, along with the 22 round mag the good Dr. wrote about.
  15. Flyboy514

    911 Vintage Blue .380: Not Just Another Pretty Face

    "Not an original ’55 Chevy as Chevrolet envisioned it and your great grandfather drove..." Not a "great" grandfather, or even a grandfather, but my FIRST car was a '55 Chevy (that I drove my Sr. Yr. of H.S.) But I LIKE it!!! It's just what I'm looking to buy for the wife.
  16. Flyboy514

    An M1A. 5 Days. 15K Rounds.

    That'll be next week right?
  17. Flyboy514

    At Close Range: The M1911 Pistol in the Korean War

    "Quite an endorsement of a design that was not intended to serve much past World War II." It's the firearm I qualified with in the Navy in 1977... so much for their plans to replace it.
  18. Flyboy514

    First Time CCW: What Do I Need To Know?

    Unless you're one of 1,200 CCW Permit owners/ out of the 9 MILLION people in NJ, anyone receiving a CCP in NJ IS a "First Time CCW" Better chance of winning the lottery or getting hit by lightening than getting a CCP in NJ
  19. Flyboy514

    Review: Apex Tactical XD-S Mod.2 Action Enhancement Trigger Kit

    Thank you Yamil for the review... is the Apex trigger available for my full size XD-9 Mod. 2 Tactical?
  20. Flyboy514

    Movie Misfires: Top Hollywood Gun Mistakes

    Winston: "Jonathan, what do you need?" Mr. Wick: "Guns, Lots of guns."