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  1. xdman

    Apex Hellcat Mag Release Torture testing

    Reposting from one of the Springfield FB Groups: =AZVQTVyVZrj9oJveMU99vEZnfcFv6wqlGzcuAqrGoEagFoJ_zCvzwRnnWeoBPncFV5lNIKvuDrkMKxDo_U_FZ6glaCLIWkqvWOmlVUU5JqnjhmnSC3NrPjaTXZEttqZRtuDw7XUxWCavIOaulRfSj6T-oW7L2lHnD-BrWX2ALJ-RJy5tZDVCVeQ14qBwGEztxlU&__tn__=-]C%2CP-R']Scott Folk is at...
  2. xdman

    XDMAN’s new favorite Hellcat - Pro

    I have 4 Hellcats and this is now my favorite version. https://www.xdman.com/hellcatpro Out of the box, it has the best trigger so far, really this is the Hellcat I have been wanting. Don‘t get me wrong I love the Micro Hellcats, but sometimes I want something bigger and more substantial.
  3. xdman

    Behind the scenes @ HS Produkt how the Hellion is made

    Behind the scenes at the facfactory where the Hellion/VHS is manufactured. wow look at the the size of the raw barrels. lighting a cigarette with a VHS (sound only if you dare ;)
  4. xdman

    How to spot a countfit EOtech

    worth a look if you are in the market. A buch of these have pop up in the last couple months, with people selling these on fb etc. https://www.eotechinc.com/help-center/counterfeit-detection
  5. xdman

    Some Hellion/VHS footage of use in Iraq

    The Hellion may be new to the US, but the VHS platform has seen plenty of footage. The rifle looks easy enough that even the most “non professional” soldier can use it.
  6. xdman

    XDMAN's first take on the Hellion: New Update on Barrel changing Jan 20.

    https://www.xdman.com/hellion Also I posted a copy of the original Croatian version of the VHS model. Interesting look. https://www.xdman.com/manuals An update from my Croatan Army Friend who has used these rifles his whole adult life, about corrections he sees need to be addressed on the...
  7. xdman

    New Springfield Gun this Friday?

    Anyone else see the new ads on Springfield’s social medias? Looks like this Friday they will have some big news.
  8. xdman

    Anyone watching the big sportsball Game

    Heard Bama is going to win today. Feels like a yearly holiday here in Alabama.
  9. xdman

    XDMAN is a gluten for punishment

    I went ahead and did it again. Apparently I forgot about all the sleepless nights, the feeding, the playtime, the crying. Negan told me he wanted a Lucille, so another in about a week this little princess will be ready. We rescued a little red head Australian Heeler, so this will mean to crazy...
  10. xdman

    Spent Christmas with both ATC’s

    Spent Christmas in the great outdoors, a little mud n guns and quality time with the wife. Was a great Christmas, hope all of the Armory Life Crew did as well. Oh talk about a Holiday miracle, after getting the ATC Elite. One of my distributors called and asked if I wanted a black ATC. Heck yea...
  11. xdman

    The Time Springfield let us blow up some taxis

    They exited out the front door. They had no idea what they were in for. Now they're staring at 500 Zombie gnomes with guns drawn. It was an ambush. For a few seconds, this place was Armageddon! THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT!!!!!!!!! This popped up in my FB timeline, back in 2016 Springfield invited some...
  12. xdman

    I won a major award

    Seems like I am just collecting major awards. It was actually a pretty cool night. In case you don’t know I am a Shriner. And tonight my Shrine had its awards/Christmas party and I was awarded a top Fez award. Pretty cool to be recognized for hard work.
  13. xdman

    Recall Notice Colt

  14. xdman

    R Lee Ermey’s Firearms at Auction

    https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/the-gunnys-guns-r-lee-ermeys-firearms-set-for-auction/?fbclid=IwAR2Kfl16r05C8BvYtOMWJ6D301q24gJvimA61SBEfDAdAaPNNFCkrs7m_Hw the Auction houses website is early 2000’stastic, you would think with the name recognition the website would look more legit. Past that...
  15. xdman

    SA-35 Resources

    Since most might be new to the Hi-Power platform I wanted to start to add some resoresources. Most parts should fit the SA-35, but be warned the SA35 tolerances are tighter and may require fitting. What are your Hi-power resources https://cylinder-slide.com/Category/BHPparts...
  16. xdman

    Hellcat OSP Night Sights

    I am trying to get my hands on a set now. https://www.swampfoxoptics.com/wolverine-night-sights-hellcat?utm_source=ALL&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Irons%20-%20Reg%20%28SscT5K%29&_kx=P-X-cmzb7ZHSx3gAb1F2QA63T91wnCdyRlaewitkdlE%3D.XdaVQT
  17. xdman

    First Large Company pulls out of Shot Show

    I wish they would just cancel, already it’s not worth it. In normal years the Shot Show flew is rampant. I would say I get sick at least 3 out of every 4 years. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/breaking-sig-sauer-will-not-exhibit-at-shot-show-2022/
  18. xdman

    The XDMAN's baby collection from way back in 2005 Some good history

    Found this photo from back in 2005 looking through an old hard drive for some files. Back in my early years a had a small modest collection of Springfield and HS Produkts pistols. Brings back memories of things like the XD fork tool I invited on XDTALK and other shenanigans. In case you were...
  19. xdman

    XDMAN plays with the XDME 10mm Compact

    Check out the new XDME 10mm Compact power wagon pistol. She is a hand cannon. https://www.xdman.com/xdme10mm Great new gun that will open 10mm to more people and only 1.3 oz heavier (empty) than my 9mm Compact XDME. Recoil is manageable and not unbearable.
  20. xdman

    Waypoint in stock

    Normally would not post this, but I know a bunch of people are looking for them. Looks like guns.com has two different waypoints in stock. A 308 and 6.5cm. Just a heads up. I have ordered from them before so I know they are legit. www.guns.com