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  1. CheeseMan

    Hellcat FDE OSP vs. XD-S OSP?

    Alright, I'm torn. I've got a little cash to spend and (Assuming I can actually find either) want to buy either an FDE OSP Hellcat or an XD-S OSP with the Crimson Trace optic. Obviously, the XDS will get me a gun and an optic for a price that comes in under the price of the Hellcat. But the...
  2. CheeseMan

    Springfield Hellcat Review: Best CCW 9mm Ever

    @KLGunner, thanks for the link. How long have you been using this holster? I take it you like it?
  3. CheeseMan

    Springfield Hellcat Review: Best CCW 9mm Ever

    @KLGunner, what AIWB holster are you using? Was just curious.
  4. CheeseMan

    Shield RMSc Review: Improve Your Hellcat’s Reflexes

    Agreed. I just looked at the article on the Hellcat by Mike H. with that same optic, so it looks like he did a review of the optic here. Good read!
  5. CheeseMan

    Springfield Hellcat Review: Best CCW 9mm Ever

    Great review! Anybody here actually have a Hellcat with an optic on it that its theyre carry gun? Im wondering how uncomfortable one of those sights would be digging into your side....
  6. CheeseMan

    Strayer’s 40K “Blue Flame”

    Agreed. That is way more rounds than I would ever run, but its nice to know the gun can do it. Makes you feel better about investing your money in it.
  7. CheeseMan

    Mini 14 folding stocks are back!!!

  8. CheeseMan

    Self defense ammunition.

    I owned a PM9 several years back and remember it having an ammo testing requirement on it (I think it might have been 200 rounds?). I do remember it did hang up some until I hit their suggested round count.
  9. CheeseMan

    Show off your 1911

    No worries, and thanks for the info! I really like the work you had done on that one. I might have to start saving my pennies for a similar project😀
  10. CheeseMan

    Springfield Armory TRP 10mm RMR

    This looks like an amazing bear country gun or boar hunting pistol. I bet the 10mm ballistics out of that barrel are pretty amazing. In fact, this gun is probably capable of some impressive long range shooting out to 100 yards and beyond.
  11. CheeseMan

    The New Saint’s are so boss!!!!

    XDMan, any chance you might want to set up a poll on these to see which one everybody likes the most? It's tough, buy my vote goes for the PDW!
  12. CheeseMan

    The New Saint’s are so boss!!!!

  13. CheeseMan

    Gear taken to the Range

    For me it can be a lot. The range is about an hour away, so if I go I'm going to be shooting several guns. It ends up being a few bags once all is said and done. I'd like to say it's not worth the effort, but it really is :)
  14. CheeseMan

    Car Break Ins

    I keep a small Caldwell lockable safe inside my center console so I have a place to secure my gun if I'm going in somewhere that I can't take my gun. I don't want to just leave it in a golvebox or something (even though if someone breaks in they can just pick up the little safe). But, it keeps...
  15. CheeseMan

    X-Ray pic of XDM

    Wow! How were you able to do that? Any chance we'll see one of a Hellcat anytime soon?
  16. CheeseMan

    The Armory Life social channels

    Great cartoons, and thanks for the heads up! I'll start following now.
  17. CheeseMan

    First Look! New Springfield Ronin

    This gun looks like an amazing deal for the price. The forged frame and slide are worth the price of admission alone in a 1911 like this! I think this one is going to put some pressure on a LOT of Kimber 1911 pistols....
  18. CheeseMan

    Gun Mistakes in Movies & TV

    God, we could start an entire thread on gun mistakes just in The Walking Dead....
  19. CheeseMan

    Danger: Discount ammo - ST Auctions

    Thanks for the heads up!