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  1. ebuckler

    Do we need this?

    We still have a Constitution and a 1st amendment....if we can keep it. It is getting beyond time in our history where we need to start standing up against this nonsenses and stop cowering to these leftist pinkos who only seek to destroy our nation as we know it.
  2. ebuckler

    "Battle blade"

    I really like my Ontario MK3, not fancy but it's utility is epic!
  3. ebuckler

    Traditional Firepower in the Modern Age: The M1A Lineup

    I think my Scout was the best firearm money I have spent in a long time. You just can't go wrong with this rifle platform....in my opinion.
  4. ebuckler

    Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts.

    Thank God and praying that town does not erupt like the MSM would like.
  5. ebuckler

    9mm vs .45 ACP [Debate Finally Settled]

    ...and that is why we should have at least one of each.
  6. ebuckler

    Review: Emissary 4.25" .45 ACP

    or the SA-35....
  7. ebuckler

    Review: Emissary 4.25" .45 ACP

    I like it. This might be the next one.
  8. ebuckler

    Dangerous Steps: Viet Cong Booby Traps

    Interesting. It is too bad that our politicians tried to conduct this war instead of letting our military take care of this and subsequent conflicts.
  9. ebuckler

    My next gun...

    I am on the look out for a Beretta 92 FS compact (no rail). My son purchased one and I kick myself for not getting one at the same time. Fine pistol, but he won't sell it to me!! I would almost get one with the rail and trade him.
  10. ebuckler

    I done did it.....

    Congrats, very nice!
  11. ebuckler

    Going Full-Auto with an Italian .308

    Nice, that's real nice.
  12. ebuckler

    Warning: Do Not Read the Constitution or Bill of Rights

    This sort of triggers me.
  13. ebuckler

    I Pulled The Trigger.

    Congrats! You are going to love it.
  14. ebuckler

    Is the 1911 Dangerous to Carry?

    RO Compact is not too bad, as far as weight goes.
  15. ebuckler

    What Is the Maximum Effective Range of .308?

  16. ebuckler

    What Is the Maximum Effective Range of .308?

    Careful, if you get your hands on one you will not want to let it go.
  17. ebuckler

    Traditional Firepower in the Modern Age: The M1A Lineup

    I had waited a long time for my Scout and it was/is worth the wait. I am a huge fan.
  18. ebuckler

    Are you a domestic terrorist?

    I guess if that is the standard then yes....I am. I am also a nationalist...and an America loving patriot. Guilty!!
  19. ebuckler

    An M1A. 5 Days. 15K Rounds.

    Well, I feel great about my rifle! As if I needed any further reason to love it. It is certainly good to know that there is a great probability that this rifle will never fail me.
  20. ebuckler

    Bucket List

    Beretta 92FS compact (no rail) S&W 629 Saint