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  1. LastStarfighter

    Hellcat Holster

    Are there any decent IWB holsters for small of back carry? Asking for a friend who isn't so tech-savvy. Any help is appreciated.
  2. LastStarfighter

    Fake Facebook Springfield Account.

    Anyone else see or get messages?? Apparently, they are spam accounts taking people's info. They sent me a request. Report them!
  3. LastStarfighter

    Bing Covid-19 Map

    Map here if anyone was interested. It live updates. https://www.bing.com/covid
  4. LastStarfighter

    Gun Buyback

    Interesting read. I know I won't be turning anything I have in ever. https://www.nhregister.com/metro/article/Hamden-brings-in-149-guns-sword-hundreds-of-15085588.php#photo-19091291
  5. LastStarfighter


    Spring is right around the corner and my rod is shot, do any of you know where some cheap rod and reel combos are? I'm sure as the weather gets warmer more deals will pop up but have you seen any? Where do you usually shop?
  6. LastStarfighter

    Bow hunters

    Just a curious question for all you bowhunters: What's your farthest kill shot with a bow? I've never been a bow hunter, I did try once and was terrible so I'll stick to my shotgun.
  7. LastStarfighter

    Edge EVAC

    I know how crazy things in the world can be. Emergency guns are becoming the new normal so I guess why not have a compact one? I like this idea and the style of it with the "arm brace." Seems like it may be good for hiking and camping? What do you all think...
  8. LastStarfighter

    First Aid kit

    What is your first aid kit of choice? Obviously affordability is a want but so is quality. I found this one on My Medic but it is quite steep in price. Recommendations on others or reviews on the My Medic one...
  9. LastStarfighter

    Advice for beginners

    What is something you wish you knew as a beginner in the shooting community? I'm sure we all have something. Mine would be to understand the importance of a proper grip.
  10. LastStarfighter

    Hellcat Size

    I have seen quite a few people online asking about the size of the Hellcat vs. their current carry...ehem Taurus G2c and Glock 43x owners... So here is a quick way to compare. https://www.handgunhero.com/ I have held a G2c and a Glock 43x and let me tell you the only gun actually comparable to...
  11. LastStarfighter


    I got my Hellcat a month ago and love it but I have been curious about what lights and lasers fit it? I saw someone had posted about a Viridian laser but I would like other options.
  12. LastStarfighter


    Has anyone tried these grips before? https://www.handleitgungrips.com/ For the price they seem like they may be worth a try. I'm wanting something different for my XDS Mod. 2.